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Thread subject: DPOF nest
Name Date Message
Nancy L 03/18/10 10:56 am I stopped by yesterday afternoon. An osprey HAS returned. He was sitting on Celeste's favorite 'snag' to the west side of the nest - eating a fish.
I also checked the main nest by the trail at Wertheim Preserve. The pole is really slanted now, but the nest materials are still on it, including quite a bit of plastic bagging. No ospreys in evidence at the time.
As of yesterday morning, no evidence of osprey at the Oakdale merge nest. I'll be checking again tomorrow.
Celeste 03/18/10 11:00 am Oh thank you Nancy! That is such good news!!! Was wondering if you have been to the Arboretum since the storm. I heard they lost 20 trees, rare specimens too. Wondering if the chimney nest is ok, and the tree by the parking lot with the natural nest.
Pam 03/18/10 11:10 am Oh it's all happening now.....thanks Nancy
Kathy 03/18/10 11:30 am Thanks for the news Nancy, it's nice to know they have returned.
Pamela 03/18/10 11:48 am Such good news--many thanks Nancy.
martyc35 03/18/10 12:35 pm Thank you for making the trip out there, Nancy. Sorry to hear the old nest post is leaning so much. Perhaps they won't use it all this year.
Celeste, that sounds terrible about the Arboretum. I hope it isn't as bad as that. I don't know what percentage 20 trees comprise, but just hearing that news sounds devastating.
terryo 03/18/10 12:41 pm Tks for heads-up Nancy, I'm trying to set aside some kayak time this weekend so I can take a few pictures from the Carmans, we'll see.
Melanie 03/18/10 04:44 pm Now that DPOF is back it's official. God is in her heaven and all is right with the world.
Kelly 03/18/10 05:18 pm Fantastic news! ... thanks Nancy :)))
Shelley 03/18/10 05:18 pm Is that slanted pole with the nesting materials (and plastic bagging) the cam nest? Yikes!

Thanks for the update. We will have to replay in our minds' eyes!
Lori 03/18/10 10:11 pm Wonderful news Nancy :)
cathy 03/19/10 08:14 am Shelly - I was fortunate enough to visit the Wertheim Wildlife Refuge and the leaning pole with the nest on top is there - I don't think the DPOF nest pole is leaning.
Celeste 03/19/10 08:21 am Arboretum's Newsday states they lost 60 trees and counting. Twenty of them were from Asia and Europe and were in many cases 100 years old.
Shelley 03/19/10 09:54 am Thanks,Cathy, for clarifying that.

And oh no, Celeste. That's terrible news!!
Nancy L 03/19/10 10:43 am If the gates are open today, I hope to go to the Bayard Arboretum today to check on osprey. None were there last week.

Also, the DPOF nest pole is beautifully erect with plenty of nest, too. It looks like the storm last week did not bother it.
Marie 03/19/10 12:54 pm As Pam is all happening now. Down East that is!

We have a couple of more weeks yettill we see an Osprey!

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