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Thread subject: FOB Osprey!!!
Name Date Message
Kelly 03/18/10 05:11 pm YAYYY!!! Was gone by the refresh.

Here :)))
FOB Webmaster 03/18/10 05:21 pm Yeahhhhh!!!!!
Kelly 03/18/10 05:26 pm Wonder if she - I think it's a she but hard to tell for sure - will be back? Still can't believe my eyes!

Bring it on :)))
terryo 03/18/10 07:35 pm Sorry ladies this feathery friend is heading up to Long Island, I saw its suitcase tag marked "Long Island" or

Bust!! And tks Lisa for all your eagle updates, good stuff.
cathleen 03/18/10 07:39 pm Kelly, sharp eyes and good luck! :))
Happy day!
DaisyG 03/18/10 08:01 pm Well done Kelly and congrats Lisa! :)
FOB Webmaster 03/19/10 08:39 am Yes, our cam technician suggested it might just be passing through, but I was still excited to see it. It means more could be in the area.

Some folks in the DC region have told me they have ospreys back and some of them are already rebuilding their nests.
Melanie 03/19/10 09:44 am There's one on the platform right now.
terryo 03/19/10 09:47 am Hey you're right Mel, it's still there.
Shelley 03/19/10 09:52 am Is this a new platform? It doesn't look as though there has been a nest in it previously. Will they build a new one from scratch here or did something happen to a previous one? Sorry if I should know this but I haven't been a regular viewer over there
Marie 03/19/10 11:37 am No Osprey at the nest box right now...'gone fishing' !
martyc35 03/19/10 12:29 pm Oh, that nest gets pretty well cleared out over the winter, no doubt just as the returning ospreys would like it, since they like to build their own nest.
Melanie 03/19/10 12:33 pm Lisa mentioned earlier that not only did they reposition the cam but I'm pretty sure she said they actually moved the whole platform a few feet, pole and all.
FOB Webmaster 03/19/10 02:12 pm Yes, we moved the pole and platform a bit closer to our access road. I doubt the ospreys will notice much, since it's essentially the same view and they're not much closer to the woods where the eagles hang out.

I thought our cam technician was going to put in a new platform box (new wood), but they said the wood looked fine, so the nest box is the same.

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