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Thread subject: Trouble posting here.
Name Date Message
Tim P 03/19/10 04:38 pm I have made several attempts to post the link. Sorry, copy this link.
terryo 03/19/10 04:42 pm Thank u Tim, nice to see the old nest is still upright, thing must weigh a ton. You had a beautiful day to explore, thanks again for posting the great pictures.
martyc35 03/19/10 04:56 pm Awww, so nice to see. Many thanks, Tim.
martyc35 03/19/10 05:01 pm I'm making a hyperlink for tim's pics:
Melanie 03/19/10 05:11 pm Betty looks great!
Tim P 03/19/10 05:16 pm "Betty looks great"

I was talking with a man on his boat as the female flew overhead slowly circling.

That bird was so big and looked to be terrific shape , Thick,big, & brilliantly white A very nice specimen of an osprey.
Tim P 03/19/10 05:29 pm If you click on the picture, making it larger. You can see that the perch above was changed after the camera was removed. It also appears that there is a rope ladder hanging from the nest. Does it appear that way to anyone else?
martyc35 03/19/10 05:42 pm Yes, the rope ladder is quite clear, especially below the nest. What a great photo, Tim.
Celeste 03/19/10 06:09 pm Definite ladder. Those photos mean a lot Tim.thank you so much! glad they made it back despite the horrible weather on the East Coast! Whatever route they take, it's a good one, she definitely looks good....good genes to pass on!
Kathy 03/19/10 06:13 pm Thanks Tim! It's so good to see them back on "our" nest.
Thank you Marty for making a link.
Shelley 03/19/10 06:53 pm Thanks, Tim. Great pics
Tim P 03/19/10 07:27 pm I dont know what to make of the rope ladder.
Why would someone attach a rope ladder ?
It wasnt there last year or years before.

Pam 03/19/10 07:29 pm Very good pictures Tim, particularly the one of the Osprey overhead. Thank you very much. Have they returned earlier this year?
cathy 03/19/10 08:32 pm It was good to see two ospreys on the nest. Thanks and I hope to see more in time.
Marie 03/19/10 11:19 pm Great ! Nice to see that an Osprey is 'home'again for another breeding season.Thanks for sharing Tim
cathleen 03/19/10 11:24 pm Great to see a couple on the nest! The hanging osprey looked big and healthy - head markings reminded me of the old Dennis, though it looked female...
Madeline 03/19/10 11:37 pm Great to see the osprey back at DPOF. Thanks for the pictures Tim. Yes, it does look like a rope ladder, wonder what it's doing there?

Mickey 03/20/10 11:42 am thanks for schlepping out there Tim. My guess is no rope ladder. It appears to be the aluminum pole with wire rigging. Come on.A rope ladder kids? Whats next? Sock puppets in the nest dressed up as eggs ? :)
Pamela 03/20/10 12:03 pm Thanks Tim, the pictures are terrific. I really liked the silhouette effect.

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