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Thread subject: Osprey at Loch of The Lowes
Name Date Message
Tiger 03/20/10 07:18 am An osprey has been sighted at Loch Of The Lowes by our very own Kelly.
Anne UK1 03/20/10 07:22 am Oh Tiger, that's brilliant! I keep looking in, but didn't expect to see anything just yet. Any more details - does it look like the usual female? Or is it the male with the green leg ring.

Well done Kelly! Does she win the binoculars?

I don't seem to have any sound from that cam - is it my computer?
DaisyG 03/20/10 07:52 am Yes it really is great news :))

Anne, I am also having problems with the cam right now. No sound and keeps going off. Not streaming either :(
DaisyG 03/20/10 07:54 am Can't tell who it is yet. Kelly captured back view only. No other details, like leg ring, visible.
Kelly 03/20/10 08:09 am

Here's that capture :)
Kelly 03/20/10 08:12 am Maybe I should e-mail them, Anne ... wonder if they'll ship them overseas? :) I'm going to give it a try.
Anne UK1 03/20/10 08:28 am Oh you should definitely email them Kelly. If yours is the first spot then you're the winner :)

Daisy, the cam's a bit hit and miss for me too. Sometimes it comes up straight away, other times I have to click on the link to Cam 1 in the menu on the left. Other times the play button works. Sometimes nothing does and I have to keep refreshing. Hopefully just early teething problems that will be fixed soon.
Anne UK1 03/20/10 08:29 am Forgot to say - great capture Kelly! I'm soooo excited :)
Kelly 03/20/10 08:40 am Isn't is nice that they say "e-mail us with details . . ." but fail to provide an e-mail address ... ARRGH! The only info I found was under Contact Us and that was just a form to fill in. So I sent them a message. Fingers crossed :)
Darren01 03/20/10 08:47 am Brilliant news!!!..lets hope its our resident male/female :)
Kelly 03/20/10 08:50 am Hello Darren :))) I'm learning toward Eric (aka Homer), though Marge was reported 1st back this day last year.
cathleen 03/20/10 09:37 am Whoa, so exciting! Great capture, Kelly! :)
Marie 03/20/10 11:54 am Way to go Kelly...thanks for the update Tiger.
Celeste 03/20/10 02:23 pm Just as a double check for there a direct link? My bookmarked link from last year tells me it's not working. I did finally find the cam, but because I have a mac, it opens up outside the screen...what I see is a "live" still, no sound of the nest.
Tiger 03/20/10 02:46 pm Here was the thread that Kelly reported the news. See Here
Kelly 03/20/10 03:55 pm Hi Celeste :)

Here's the link.

They do say to view this video feed using a Mac, download Flip4Mac.

Hope you get it sorted :)
Anne 03/20/10 04:19 pm Wonderful news. Well done Kelly.
DaisyG 03/20/10 04:37 pm Shame it wasn't either of the resident birds but an unknown male passing through.
Kelly 03/20/10 04:44 pm There's always tomorrow :))))
Anne UK1 03/20/10 04:57 pm Unknown male - Odin???
Celeste 03/21/10 05:04 am Thanks for the direct link Kelly. I do have flip 4 mac, however, this morning I get the cam showing the nest, but no movement or sound. Hoping it's not a problem on my end.
Anne UK1 03/21/10 07:04 am It's the same for me Celeste. They're obviously having some problems - no sound on any day, though I think I have seen movement sometimes. Hopefully they'll fix it soon.

Loch Garten's up and running - Link
Kelly 03/21/10 07:09 am No, it's not a problem at your end. Apparently the camera does not have sound at the moment because its the night-time camera. The high definition day camera hasn't been installed yet. When it is - and I hope it's soon - we will have audio again.
Anne UK1 03/21/10 07:28 am That's good news - thanks for the info Kelly :)

Celeste 03/21/10 03:05 pm brain doesn't want any computer tired!!!! Thanks Kelly and Anne!

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