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Thread subject: DPOF Nest & Other Critters
Name Date Message
terryo 03/20/10 03:33 pm I went kayaking this morning and took pictures of Dennis & Betty from afar and also other critters. I couldn't tell if there was a ladder hanging down from nest, maybe Tom T. knows. Like Nancy & Tim previously reported both birds look good. Dennis was really hyper this a.m. being a good hubby. I watched him as he cleaned up the nest several times and went fishing for white perch. The perch are apparently plentiful as I chatted with several fishermen who were having great luck with some really nice sized fish. Betty only moved from the perch once to go to the nest for a couple of minutes then went back to perch. Probably wrote down more chores for Dennis to do. I don't think he'll need his Viagra this year, he's already a bundle of energy which was good to see. I can't describe how great it was hearing his chirping as he was fishing overhead, boy was he lettin' go. I also one osprey at the Wertheim nest and one osprey across the river from the Beaver Dam Rd. dead-end. So all appears as it should be in osprey land. Enjoy pictures gang:, titles of photos appear at bottom of each pix:, there's a few typos sorry, I'm in a hurry today, also click on sideshow, I think it's faster viewing.

Shelley 03/20/10 03:52 pm Great pics, Terry! That swan pic is spectacular! Thanks!
Celeste 03/20/10 03:54 pm Your reporting made me smile, especially the knowledge that Dennis, ahem, has lots of energy:-) Great photos too. Thanks to Nancy, Tim and you for adding to the joy on this First day of Spring!!!!!!!
Kelly 03/20/10 04:04 pm Fantastic, Terry! I do love seeing ospreys hovering and their heads bobbing to and fro :)
Pam 03/20/10 04:10 pm Thanks so much Terry. Looks lovely weather. Good to hear that fish are plentiful this year.
martyc35 03/20/10 04:12 pm Many thanks, Terry. That was so great to see. I advise looking one at a time to get the captions. Dennis does indeed seem to be in fine form.
Anne 03/20/10 04:23 pm To take pictures like that from a kayak is pretty amazing Terryo. Thank you, they are great.
DaisyG 03/20/10 04:39 pm Thanks Terry, great pics :)
Anne UK1 03/20/10 05:04 pm Fantastic pictures Terry. Interesting to see Dennis & Betty from such a different perspective.

Thanks to Tim for yesterday's snaps too. It's good to be able to keep tabs on this nest even though we've lost the cam.

That other pole's really leaning. Has anyone checked to see if it's stable enough to last the season?
Melanie 03/20/10 05:22 pm thanks for those.

I'm not sold that is a rope ladder - it doesn't look substantial enough to support any kind of human weight. Maybe it's something that's leftover from the cables and equipment?

I spent the day running errands and it seemed wherever I went there was on osprey overhead, running his/her mouth. It was beautiful. It's a good thing I wasn't driving!
pccompton 03/20/10 05:25 pm Great pics, Terry, thank you!
cathleen 03/20/10 06:26 pm Loved it - I could hear the chirring of the RWBB! And could imagine the goings on in the nest. What a wonderful view of fishing...Thanks so much to you and Tim for keeping us up to date!
terryo 03/20/10 07:02 pm Anne, that pole has been leaning for a few years. The ospreys compensate for the lean by appearing to build one side of the nest higher so the nest at least is pretty well balanced, at least they did so last year, pretty smart critters.
DaveS 03/20/10 07:22 pm Hello friends,

There isn't a rope ladder, what you see in Tim's picture is the bottom half of the camera arm. If you zoom Terry's picture you will see that the arm attaches to the pole below the nest; half above, half below. We left the arm in the up position so that the perch was still above the nest. BTW, I welcome you all once again, but I can't offer a look anymore....
Pamela 03/20/10 07:35 pm Terry, it's such a joy just to be able to see our favorite twosome once again, thank you! A bit early for mosquitoes I hope. Can't you just hear the RWBB as we use to every morning along with the cackling?
Your pictures help no end.
cathy 03/20/10 09:06 pm Its great to see those distinctive wing shapes and that determination when fishing. I wonder if some of the circling is checking if there are rivals arriving. I think some years there were ospreys hanging out on the nest and eventually another couple took over. The ones you photographed seemed like they are definitely moving in. Imagine their long flight from South America! According to Gessner, much of it is flying high and then gliding along on the air currents.
Lori 03/20/10 09:16 pm Great pictures Terry, I'm always in awe of how clear your photos are; when I'm in the canoe the pics are always blurry. It's kinda anti-climatic, but I saw my first osprey today too. He was sitting on the nest on Montauk hgwy out in Bellport . Spring is really here :)
Tim P 03/20/10 09:21 pm Thanx Terri,
Lori ? montauk highway bellport nest?
Lori 03/20/10 09:40 pm yep! It's in the radio tower east of station rd by the welding place I think it is, been there a few years now :) the north side of Montauk
terryo 03/20/10 10:20 pm Lori I know where Station Rd. is but darn if I can figure out where it's at. I work off Horseblock Rd in the Sills Industrial Park, however we used to be located in E. Patchogue off of Station Rd and Montauk Hwy. I'm trying to picture the tower you're talking out. I know where the B'port Library/post office is and I know "downtown" Bellport and I know where Spicys chicken is just off Montauk Hwy but I still can't figure out where the tower is. Any more clues? Also, thank u Dave for clearing up the mysterious ladder.
Nancy L 03/21/10 10:33 am Thanks a lot, Terry --You've come a long way in your photographic 'career.' And now, I think you've talked me into it - I want to kayak out past Beaver Dam Road. That's the farthest I've gone on the Carmens to date.
Lori 03/21/10 02:23 pm Terry it's east of Spicys, maybe half way between Station Rd & the curve in the Hgwy where Montauk meets SouthCountry. Can't remember if it's before Varneys, that little resturant, but I think not. There's a Plantation, fertilizer place just west of the tower, I never pay attention to the business in that part cuz I know where to look. Will have to take more notice. If you are headed east you will see the tower before you actually pass it, westbound you can't really get a good view. It's really there .......honest :)
terryo 03/21/10 03:13 pm Tks for the directions again Lori, I'll have to keep my eyes open. I know Varneys and the other places you mentioned, can't see the forest for the trees l guess lol., tks again. Nancy get a kayak and launch from the dock at the now closed Glacier Bay Outfitters, dock still floats. I just bought my first dslr, Canon but the only telephoto lens I have is a 250mm, I really would like to get a 500mm but can't swing it at this time. I'l be looking for u on the Carmans one of these days.
Nancy L 03/22/10 11:45 am Jim & I each have kayaks, which we took up to the Adirondacks, last summer. Mine is blue, by-the-way, & Jim's is red. We kayak a lot on the Connetquot River & environs, because it's closer to home, but we'll get out on the Carmen's too.
terryo 03/22/10 01:13 pm Nancy, I'll keep my eyes open for a blue and a red kayak, take care.

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