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Thread subject: Do You Tweet?
Name Date Message
Tiger 03/22/10 04:38 pm It seems that Twitter is becoming the way to get information out fast. So do you tweet?

My Twitter address is Tiger
FOB Webmaster 03/22/10 07:56 pm FriendsofBNWR
Tiger 03/23/10 03:21 am I love you tweets Lisa.
Shelley 03/23/10 06:12 am No. I have not been sucked into this and -- odd as I seem to be, apparently -- I have no interest at all in it. I also have no time in my day for it. I work full time, and already feel that there is enough online to keep me busy and sitting here (several webcams, a few sites/blogs I visit regularly, other things such as google and news/info sites to keep up to date, etc.) I also like to read and be outdoors when the weather is good so unless and until someone adds extra hours to my day, I can't see myself being able to manage the time for Twitter, Facebook, etc.
DaisyG 03/23/10 06:58 am I don't Tweet often as you can see, Daisy, but I do read the news on there. Very useful indeed.
FOB Webmaster 03/23/10 07:49 am Thanks, Tiger. :-)

What drew me to Twitter is that it doesn't take a lot of time. You can only post 140 characters, so you can't be long-winded. You have to get to the point and move on. It's not the time sink that Facebook can be.

Also you can do it from a phone or a laptop -- so you don't have to be tied down to a desk.

It's been great for finding out news. I set up TweetDeck ( a free Twitter application) to search for osprey and eagle news whenever I get on Twitter, so I can get a quick look at the latest news, even from people I'm not following.

Tiger 03/23/10 08:16 am Yes Lisa I agree. A year ago Twitter was just a geek tool. Now it is a serious broadcasting tool. Having overcome the best efforts of Carter Ruck to gag the House of Commons recently it has already made a serious reputation for itself.

With at least two osprey sites having now set up Twitter accounts I think the lesson is clear.
Melanie 03/23/10 09:21 am I don't because I don't like what Twitter (or even Facebook to a lesser degree for that matter) has shown us about people and their sense of self importance - that everyone is entitled to know every minute insignificant detail of their lives that they think are so important. Do people really have that much free time on their hands? I certainly don't so I choose carefully where to spend it.

We have a commercial over here that goes something along the lines of "Marsha posted on Facebook that she is glad to be wearing flip flops today. Twitter confirms." That about sums up how I feel about Twitter.
FOB Webmaster 03/23/10 11:33 am But that's not a problem with Twitter -- it's a problem with how people use it.

If they weren't using Twitter for that info, they'd be sending it via IM or email or cell phone. They're just using Twitter to do it in a public place. But then if you don't follow them, you don't have to see it.

I follow the people who post interesting wildlife/raptor/environmental information. I don't follow every person who follows me. That's my choice, and Twitter allows you to select the news you're reading. If someone starts posting too much personal info, I unfollow them.
DaisyG 03/23/10 11:44 am I agree Lisa. You can choose who follows you too.
Tim P 03/23/10 07:07 pm I used FB for ten months , deleted my account last month. Been on twitter for a year, I like reading some of the links posted by some of those I follow. I also follow some strange people for entertainment purposes only. Twitter is a good time killer for when im stuck waiting for the DR. or in a boring meeting and helps pass the time while rididng the railroad. I dont have any tweets sent to my phone any longer because it can be intrusive at times.

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