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Thread subject: WHOI CAM
Name Date Message
jazzel26 03/23/10 10:22 am The new cam is on line.
The new link.
Pamela 03/23/10 10:41 am So I noticed a few minutes ago Jazzel! They have a fascinating nest to say the least and the view is so clear on such a miserably rainy day here on the coast.
The dates of interest is so much more precise than it was before, I really enjoy that aspect too.
Spring really has finally arrived, many thanks to Jeff and his team!
Tiger 03/23/10 10:54 am Nice Cam. I will put it on a live link. See WHOI Cam at WHOI
Melanie 03/23/10 11:00 am Boy, that nest really got beat up this winter. It looks like (and proably is) one giant sodden gooey pile.

Great way to display the dates of interest - lets you compare year to year stats.

Thanks for the heads-up.
DaisyG 03/23/10 11:06 am That's great. Much better cam than before thank goodness.

Yes a real yucky mess isn't it?
cathleen 03/23/10 11:12 am YAY! (Wish they had the sound already...)
Here's a link to just the video screen.
Liz 03/23/10 11:16 am Fantastic...and kind of gross! But it's so wet. It'll be much better when they come back and put in their tree branch couches!

I heard through Beaurrigard (sp?) that Ozzie (?) is two days away!
Anne UK1 03/23/10 12:23 pm Oh that is so much better than the previous cam. So many to watch - I'm just realising how much work I should have got done before now. Oh well, what's another year ;)

Will they get sound for this one, do we know?
martyc35 03/23/10 12:25 pm Thanks for the links, all, and especially that solo shot of the nest, Cathleen. I've updated my bookmarks, so ready to go! Can't wait to see what odd junk they bring in this year:-).
cathleen 03/23/10 01:20 pm I think jazzel previously mentioned they were going to try to get the mic up but that it was second priority - with the winds so high a few weeks ago it was not a good time to add sound... but now, I hope they get it before chicks!
Mickey 03/23/10 01:24 pm I think Jazzel also mentioned the nest pole was moved and a new box created. This might be why the nest looks disheveled?
jazzel26 03/23/10 01:56 pm Cathleen, yes I did say the cam had sound and because of the wind they didn't turn it on, and it is very unlikely it will be turned on this season. I'm very happy to have such a clear cam, that won't crash three times a day.

Mickey, the nest box was completely replaced and some of the old nesting material was put back in the box. However, the pole was not moved.

Happy viewing : - )
Pam 03/23/10 04:41 pm Gosh it does look a messy heap ! It made me want to search out some old photos of it as it used to be. I used to call it the "Crown of Thorns" nest because that's what it used to look like to me. A perfect circle of interwoven twigs and branches. I put a photo on Tiger's new Osprey Webcam Group on Facebook.
Woods Hole as it used to look
martyc35 03/25/10 02:12 pm Leave it to you to have a record of that damned blue teddy bear. Yes, they will have to get busy to top that season! LOL!
Liz 03/25/10 04:37 pm Pam, these are GREAT! What memories! I also recorded the DPOF family on my tiny recorder at home, and have that for a keepsake since they'll be no more cam there.
Pam 03/28/10 07:58 am Female has arrived at Woods Hole this morning:
Pam 03/28/10 11:25 am There were two birds there later in the day, pictures in the same place on Flickr. I sent these to the website because they don't seem to have any pics from this year uploaded yet.

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