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Thread subject: Lily Bear
Name Date Message
Anne UK1 03/25/10 05:52 pm Is anyone following the bear den cam? Quite lively there right now - that cub is growing so fast! Link
cathy 03/25/10 08:34 pm Thanks for reminding me. Its amazing to see a bear in its den. I mostly read about what's happening there on Facebook.
Marie 03/26/10 12:16 pm Talking of bears... this link has a an interesting video of a black bear and her cubs and a funny narrative by Rick Mercer. Worth watching.
Shelley 03/26/10 05:27 pm You know, Marie, I have seen this clip at least 3 times and I love it every time!

Anne UK1 03/26/10 06:20 pm I could only watch that up to the point where they drugged the mother.

The Lily Bear group don't use drugs. I didn't realise others did :(
Celeste 03/26/10 07:41 pm I think it's amazing how technology enables us to watch bears in hibernation. I took a peek in late last night and the cubs were quite noisy.
Anne UK1 03/27/10 10:13 am There's only one cub Celeste. It's certainly noisy though. They think Lily may be compensating for the lack of siblings by playing with her more than she might otherwise do.

I find the daily update news fascinating - I feel I've learnt so much about these bears in just a few weeks. The writing style is very similar to Lisa's on FOB - masses of information, but really easy and enjoyable reading. A great gift.

There's a programme on Animal Planet on 4th April featuring Lily and her relatives. More information for anyone who might be interested is here - Link

I'm not sure if we get Animal Planet here in the UK?
Celeste 03/27/10 02:38 pm Thanks Anne! I'm watching right now and the cub was completely out of the den. Makes a lot of noise. Mom must have been away from the den as she completely blocked the camera and at first I didn't know what it was, but it's the Mom bringing in some debris into the den. Fascinating!
Anne UK1 03/27/10 06:35 pm It's good viewing, isn't it? There's a link to archived video clips on the site too.

It makes me chuckle when Lily pushes past the cam and all you can see is a mass of black hairy stuff. I haven't seen the cub out of the den, but in a couple of weeks they'll both move out altogether so there's not much viewing time left now.

Have you heard the cub when she's feeding - it's the most peculiar sound I've ever heard. They describe it as a motor-like hum. Really quite strange. It's worth watching the archived footage just to experience that.

The most striking thing I've learnt is just how gentle these huge animals are. That was a real surprise to me and something I'm glad to have learnt.

Celeste 03/28/10 09:46 am Yes, I have noticed the very tender moments of the female with her cub. I had no idea there was so much activity in the den. What is difficult here on the East coast is that the bears are finding what little is left of their habitat continues to be challenged by people who live in "their" areas. We hear stories of bears invading garbage, sleeping under decks, even swimming in backyard pools. Whenever these bears are caught and euthanized because they are to used to people, I know it's a challenge, but I can't help but think "the bears were here first!".

Recently, a coyote was caught in Manhattan, and our local Newspaper said it's a matter of time before coyotes figure out a way to cross a bridge and make their way to Long Island. I feel sorry for these animals whose only goal is to survive.
Carla 03/28/10 11:44 am Ann, I have been following the Lily cam since before Hope was born and I am pretty sure that the program they are showing on Animal Planet was originally done by BBC. Seems I read that somewhere on the bear site. Look for it and I will to when I have a chance and will let you know.
Carla 03/28/10 12:32 pm Took a quick look at bear site. In one update, it says they have the DVD of the UK version of Bearwaker of the Northwoods so maybe that is where I got the idea of it being on over there. Also, it is actually on the program called Wild Kingdom so maybe you can see if it is on a different station there.
Anne UK1 03/28/10 12:40 pm Thanks Carla. I'll do some looking.

I know we caught part of a programme a while back which may well be the one. Amazing as it was at the time, it would be so much more interesting now I've visited the site and read how they've worked with these bears for so long. Before it seemed just like a brave, perhaps foolhardy man, out there in the woods. Now I know so very different.

Anne UK1 03/28/10 12:43 pm Celeste, it really is a problem when nature moves in on towns. I'm not sure how you solve it. As you say, they were here first - but "we" are not so keen on sharing are we.

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