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Thread subject: Some More Stunning Osprey Pictures
Name Date Message
Tiger 03/27/10 05:05 pm This is in French but the pictures are in osprey!

See Blog
Pamela 03/27/10 06:23 pm Another good article with fascinating photos of osprey during the winter season. Google translated it for me, thanks Tiger!
Celeste, you'll notice the book you recommended by Carpenteri at the end along with Roy Dennis' book. I'd best reopen Roy's simply to get EJ and the saga under control! I've made note of the page numbers you listed Tiger, but I need an entire review.
cathy 03/27/10 06:36 pm I take it that "osprey" in French is "balbuzard".
Shelley 03/27/10 06:39 pm Wow, some of those photos are magnificent! Thanks for that.

I love the French name for osprey: balbuzards!! I also really liked how they provided a list of the names in other languages (and their alphabets)! Very cool. (Except, I think they may need to research Ojibwa a bit more....;-)
Anne UK1 03/27/10 06:48 pm Some great photos there. I hadn't even realised they nested in France.
Tiger 03/27/10 07:58 pm Yes Anne since 1984 in the Orleon forest.
Anne UK1 03/28/10 05:16 am Oh right, quite recent then. Have they been translocated, like the Spanish ospreys?

I think I need to do some reading - maybe the site you linked to has the information if I put it through a translator. I'll have a go later.
Tiger 03/28/10 06:09 am Here is the official site for French ospreys. See French
Pam 03/28/10 06:10 am A good way to brush up on your French...see how much you can understand and then translate it. I have to admit, my French is VERY rusty !
Tiger 03/28/10 06:22 am Oh I thought I had said that the French ospreys had come back naturally. For some reason the post got lost.
Anne UK1 03/28/10 10:56 am Well that's even more interesting. I wonder what makes some decide not to migrate all the way.

Thanks for the link Tiger - I'll find some time later to read up on things. I'll give testing my French a miss though Pam - I suspect I'd be way too rusty!
DaisyG 03/28/10 11:33 am Yes, some wonderful pics in there Tiger.

Pam, my French is virtually nonexistent. I have to use the translate facility.
Marie 03/28/10 12:48 pm Beautiful Tiger. Thanks
martyc35 03/28/10 02:18 pm Those are truly wonderful, Tiger. Thanks!
Celeste 03/28/10 03:11 pm Really nice photos. Thanks!

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