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Thread subject: Rutland Water
Name Date Message
Pam 03/30/10 07:58 am Haven't managed to see an Osprey there yet but the Egyptian geese are there again today:
Tiger 03/30/10 08:12 am Is that an egg they have laid?
Pam 03/30/10 08:24 am I have magnified the picture and I think you may be right Tiger. They certainly made a nice little round hollow and that's where there appears to be a small round, light coloured object. I didn't think they would nest here but have just been reading up about them and it seems they do take over existing nests even in the tops of trees. Very interesting. I wonder if the Ospreys will see them off? I would think so although I have read the Geese are very aggressive particularly when nesting and breeding. Here is one info website but there are a lot of others:
about EGs
Marie 03/30/10 11:54 am The Egyptian Geese are gone when I look in and the egg thing in the nest bowl isn't being incubated at this moment. Maybe they don't incubate till a whole clutch has been laid. Not a good idea for these geese to use the platform.
'' Ospreys take over your rightful home !! ''
martyc35 03/30/10 12:05 pm How odd that they would lay an egg and then just leave it there. Maybe they are just practicing:-).
Tiger 03/30/10 12:15 pm Marty it all depends on the bird. Some birds like ospreys start incubating as soon as the first egg is laid while other birds do not start brooding until the whole clutch is laid.
martyc35 03/30/10 12:53 pm I was just kidding, T.
Pam 03/30/10 12:54 pm I found the following info. I will put a couple of pics on my Flickr later this evening (our time).

"The female lays 5-11 eggs, usually one per day, and on completion of the clutch she incubates them for 28-30 days before they hatch. During this time, the male spends most of his time perched nearby and guarding their territory. The female leaves the nest at least once a day for about half an hour at a time to go and feed. Before leaving, she covers the eggs with down, which both makes them less visible to predators and keeps them warm.
The chicks usually leave the nest within about six hours of hatching, encouraged by calls by the female. Those in elevated nests (up to 60 m above ground), jump off the edge and fall to the ground, where they often lie stunned for up to about four minutes before getting up and marching off with the parents to water or feeding grounds. Chicks graze mainly but also eat grass seeds and invertebrates. By 66 to 84 days old they are able to fly."

Reading this I suppose the Osprey nest would be quite good for them. The chicks would fall into the water and presumably be okay whereas if they fell from a high tree nest it would not be such a soft landing. All very interesting.

You may remember Canada Geese laid eggs in the Manton Bay nest which got buried when the Ospreys took over and got rid of the adult geese.
Pam 03/30/10 05:16 pm Here are the pics from earlier today:
Egyptian Geese
Anne UK1 03/30/10 05:19 pm Oh, she looks so comfortable and at home. Not for long I suspect. Which osprey pair generally use this nest?
Pam 03/31/10 05:40 am Don't know Anne, but 32 has been visiting according to the website. The goose is there again this morning. Definitely looks as though she is sitting on eggs.
Tiger 03/31/10 07:45 am The goose is gone now and no sign of eggs. I presume that she has hidden them in the nesting material.
Anne UK1 03/31/10 08:33 am I find the Rutland site really confusing. Lots of nests and so many birds, all numbers no names. I really need to get to grips with who's who up there and where they set up home.
Pam 03/31/10 12:19 pm I agree Anne. I don't thinks the website is very good. It always seems out of date too. They are still saying the time on the webcam is out by an hour but in fact it is correct now. The cam closes down too early now that the later afternoon and evenings are lighter. To be honest, I think there is only one word to describe the coverage "SMUG". They happily have an article in the local newspaper with stories and photos of the Ospreys and then delight in saying that the nests are on private land.....i.e. we can see them and we'll let you see our picture of them, but no way can you see them. I have felt this way a long while about RW. Well...I can't feel better physically...have a virus right now...but that has "got something off my chest" mentally :-))))
Anne UK1 03/31/10 05:00 pm Something tells me you've been storing that up for a while Pam! ;)

I've resolved to spend some time wading through it all and making notes. Maybe then it will make more sense to me. I do struggle with the numbers though - some of them seem logical, like 03(97) presumably meaning the third bird tagged that year, but then you get 5R and 5N and others that don't give any clues or aids to memory.

I hope you get rid of that virus soon. I thought cold winters were supposed to kill off bugs, but this year seems to have been worse than ever. Roll on spring and some nice warm sunshine.
DaisyG 04/02/10 04:34 am Pam, I know exactly what you mean about RW and couldn't agree with you more.

Hope you are feeling better now and getting over your virus.
Tiger 04/02/10 07:21 am Me too Pam and Daisy. I know exactly what you are saying.
Pam 04/02/10 09:00 am Thanks for the good is still lingering...I have no energy other than to sit at the computer. They have never mentioned the goose pair on the RW site, information on the cam page is still wrong.
If you get to grips with the family tree at RW Anne I hope you will share it with us. I think names are preferable to numbers for most viewers. The Canadian orcas are all numbered...and it can be confusing...but they give them names too which helps. Also they do produce a family tree showing lineage, dates of birth, death etc. which helps enormously. Sorry for the was a bit over the top :-))
Anne UK1 04/02/10 09:09 am A shame you can't do anything except sit at the computer Pam! ;) Seriously, I hope you feel better soon - I generally use Seven Seas Tonic to help pick me up after a virus. Might be worth a try? Meantime, I think this is a very good place to have a rant - gets it out of your system without harming anyone.

I'm taking notes on the returnees to Rutland. Putting it down on paper one by one and noting which nest each one is using - so far it all makes sense, but I suspect once there's a full house I might have lost the plot again. We'll see. I've been promised a trip up there this year so I would like to have a better idea of what's what before I go.
Tiger 04/02/10 10:16 am Anne Uk are you on Facebook? If so I could PM you some details.
Anne UK1 04/02/10 10:54 am Hi Tiger. No I don't use Facebook. I thought there was a page on the Rutland site that gave details of each individual osprey, but I couldn't find it when I looked. Am I imagining it, or just not looking properly?

Pam 04/02/10 11:24 am Anne - you might find what you are looking for here Breeding
Anne UK1 04/02/10 12:45 pm Thanks Pam - I'll have a study of that.

Tiger I've just replied to your e-mail.

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