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Thread subject: Testing, testing
Name Date Message
Anne UK1 04/02/10 06:44 am More by accident than design, I may have learnt a new trick. Apparently I'd downloaded a brief clip from LoL the other day when there was an intruding female on the nest, so I've had a go at uploading and sharing it. We'll see if it works - Click here
Anne UK1 04/02/10 06:46 am Well it looks like it does! :))) (Now all I need to do is remember how I did it.)
Tiger 04/02/10 06:55 am Anne it just get better and better Anne. remember the days when hotlinks were a mystery?
Anne UK1 04/02/10 07:09 am Indeed I do! Amazing what you can do when you try isn't it? I only discovered by chance that I'd got some downloads, so thought why not try the next step.

This technology is incredible - but I can see not much housework is going to get done at all this year! :)
DaisyG 04/02/10 07:12 am LOL what is housework Anne? :))

Congrats on the downloading and sharing. No stopping you now!
Anne UK1 04/02/10 07:19 am Thanks Daisy :)

One more for luck - A bit more action

Tiger 04/02/10 07:21 am Anne yes you are right. Try is the operative word.
Pam 04/02/10 08:48 am Thanks Anne, nicely done !
Anne UK1 04/02/10 09:12 am Now I just need Eric to return. I saw him fly in last year, I'd love to have captured that on video.

Tiger, you're right about trying. If I'd stopped to think I probably wouldn't have attempted it. Sometimes it's best to just hit those buttons and see what happens.
Anne UK1 04/02/10 09:23 am Looks like the intruder's back again today.

Pic 1
Pic 2
Anne UK1 04/02/10 09:42 am And a video clip - here

Not quite sure what happens in the middle and at the end. I need to refine my technique I think.
DaisyG 04/02/10 10:11 am Yes it was quite a kerfuffle earlier at LOTL. Marge has the nest to herself again now though. Thank goodness!

Thanks for the captures and clip Anne. I downloaded lots of bits that I haven't had chance to look at yet. Damn nuisance when the cam keeps going off.
Anne UK1 04/02/10 10:51 am Hi Daisy, it is a nuisance when the cam goes off. I'm wondering if that affects the recording. The stream is a bit stop start today too so it might be that that caused my couple of odd blips. I thought I'd got about 10 minutes of footage, including the full-on kerfuffle between Marge and the intruder, but I obviously haven't.

Oh well, I'll keep practising. I'm studying EJ at the minute with a fish in hand/talon, but a very wary eye on the sky and some wing flapping to go along with it. I guess there's someone in the area that she's not too keen on as well.
Anne UK1 04/02/10 11:06 am Oh well - might as well add the EJ footage too - She's looking well

Celeste 04/02/10 03:02 pm Congratulations Anne! Be proud! I'm still taking "baby steps":-)
Tiger 04/02/10 06:19 pm You cannot break the internet!
Marie 04/02/10 10:15 pm That is some fish that EJ has caught!
cathy 04/03/10 06:54 am What a beautiful video of EJ. She looks like she was defending her nest and fish. The snow is still in the nest and all around. She must be a real survivor! What a great bird!

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