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Thread subject: Loch of the Lowes - is this Eric?
Name Date Message
Anne UK1 04/04/10 06:07 am They look comfortable together, but he won't turn round to show if he's wearing a leg ring. Daisy can you id?

Anne UK1 04/04/10 06:14 am Well it's definitely a male, and Marge seemed happy enough to accommodate him just now. Still can't see that leg though.

Trying to download some footage, but it keeps stopping!
Anne UK1 04/04/10 06:29 am A short video clip - here
Anne UK1 04/04/10 06:57 am Wow! Someone's got a sharp eye.



Enjoy :)

Pam 04/04/10 07:11 am Thanks so much Anne. Had to smile at the first video (full tilt) I scrolled below to find comments only to find the first advertisement for....Viagra.....don't think that particular male needs it !! :-)))
Anne UK1 04/04/10 07:25 am ! lol Pam ! No I don't think he does either. Not sure if it is Eric - I've not spotted the leg ring yet, but then my eyes aren't as sharp as the camera operator's.

Ooh - Update from LoL Diary - interesting stuff:-

April 4th, 2010 by lochofthelowes
Hi All

It̢۪s not our usual male, yes it does have a green ring the same as Eric but he has a (B) on his ring. This bird has (7Y) on his green ring. she has now mated twice with this male. If Eric comes back he wont be best pleased.

Pam 04/04/10 07:29 am I can't stand all this drama and intrigue!
Tiger 04/04/10 07:37 am No it is not Eric. It is Green 7Y

Now where have you seen that ring before?
Anne UK1 04/04/10 07:43 am Where Tiger? I'm bursting to know .... !
Tiger 04/04/10 09:08 am I do not actually know Anne. I just feel I have seen that ring before. I know it was not Henry's 2004 brood but what were his 2006 chicks?
Marie 04/04/10 12:22 pm This stuff brings big smiles to me on Easter Sunday.

Anne UK1 04/05/10 08:29 am From the LoL blog:-

"I don̢۪t think we will see much more of the male that was yesterday. Keith Brockie kindly gave us information on green 7Y, he was ringed in Highland Perthshire in 2000, which makes him 10 years old this year. I would imagine he has his own established nest site by now. So I am afraid it̢۪s back to waiting and watching."

Apparently he has turned up again this morning though, contrary to expectations. Will he stick around, will Eric arrive this week ...
Tiger 04/06/10 04:11 pm Sadly it looks as if Eric may be no more. This great osprey may have caught his last fish and fathered his last chick. By my count he fathered at least 38.

I guess osprey heaven has a new member.
Anne UK1 04/06/10 05:01 pm There's still time though Tiger? Talisman and Nimrod haven't reached home yet.

This new male doesn't sound like the greatest provider so far. Have you picked up any more information on him - at 10 he must have had nests before.
Tiger 04/06/10 05:30 pm Yes but Nimrod is a well known laggard. Eric was always an early bird.
Anne UK1 04/06/10 05:38 pm Ah right. Well, I'll keep my fingers crossed he makes it - but if not then I hope Green 7Y bucks his ideas up pdq! Marge deserves a decent partner.

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