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Thread subject: Woods Hole
Name Date Message
Pam 04/05/10 05:15 pm Just comparing my picture of two Ospreys visiting with the present empty nest. A strange object seems to have appeared on the left hand side. To me it looks like a small white animal (I seem to see four legs, a head and tail). Anyone any ideas?
Link: What is it?
martyc35 04/05/10 05:35 pm Beats the heck out of me. An Easter bunny? Does not appear to be a teddy bear, but I have been corrected on that notion, anyway. Teddy bears are at Milford, CT, not WHOI. That is, if any ever turn up again at all.
Tiger 04/05/10 06:08 pm Is it just not a piece of cloth?
Pam 04/05/10 06:24 pm That's what Dennis said Tiger :-)) At least someone must have dropped it there although I haven't seen any activity lately. Has anyone?
Shelley 04/05/10 07:19 pm Looks like a piece of cloth or crumpled paper. I don't see any appendages. But I never see much in inkblots, either....
Pamela 04/05/10 07:59 pm It seemed to arrive after the discussion of the blue teddy bear.
cathy 04/05/10 08:18 pm It could be something organic (like a real animal) or made of cloth. Seems like a real animal would be more deteriorated.
martyc35 04/05/10 10:50 pm Yes, cathy, I thought a real animal would not look white like that, so I then conjectured, as others have, that it must be a piece of cloth, a dishtowel or something like that. Then it occurred to me that it could be a dead frog. I'm back to the dishtowel theory tonight, though.
Melanie 04/05/10 11:24 pm I can get behind the dishtowel theory.
jazzel26 04/06/10 09:08 am The white thing is a glove. The cam people put it on the nest so they could get the focus right, it's been there the whole time. One of the RTHs moved it last week. This morning one of the ospreys came and took it off the nest.
martyc35 04/06/10 12:18 pm Well, thanks for clearing up that mystery. Our eyes (brains) can certainly be deceiving, can't they? Nice to hear that an osprey has been there housecleaning. That's what we've all been waiting for!
Marie 04/06/10 01:37 pm strange looking glove to me, but I suppose my mind wants to visualize something else, like a fabric toy animal. Thanks for the update Jazze
Pam 04/06/10 03:24 pm Hee hee....I love mysteries. I can't see it as a glove either but...there you go...mystery solved. Thanks jazzel26.

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