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Thread subject: Gone But Not Forgotten
Name Date Message
Tiger 04/06/10 08:46 pm I was thinking today of posters who used to be regulars but are not around any longer. I was wondering if people knew anything of Lynn? Not sure she has posted here in a long time.

There must be many more that are missed.
DaisyG 04/07/10 09:49 am Just heard from one of our friends and apparently Lyn is ok Tiger. She has been having computer problems lately.
Tiger 04/07/10 11:04 am Oh good news. Thank you.
Carla 04/07/10 11:31 am If others are like me, Tiger, there just doesn't seem to be as much time for computer, nests, and forums this season. Don't know why that is though; my life certainly hasn't changed since last year.
Tiger 04/07/10 11:52 am Carla is that because people miss Dennis and Betty?
martyc35 04/07/10 01:20 pm I know that Lyn was having some of the same kind of spinal problems I had last year, so that combined with computer problems might make communication difficult. I hope she is better and it's just the computer.

I'm now thinking of upgrading to a new iMac, and I'm hoping that will be a smooth transition with no loss of files and addresses, but one never knows. If you suddenly don't hear from me, it will probably be computer problems rather than health problems this time--I hope!
lynn 04/07/10 08:27 pm I'm here, I'm here!! Yeah, just Tiger I was going to give it another try, and it worked. My computer has been going from bad to worse, and sometimes takes 6 or more tries just to boot up. I got a new computer system for Christmas, bu my daughter has not been able to get over to hook it up. Tax season is almost over, so hopefully she'll be able to get me started within the next several weeks!?

Was just going through my library for books to donate for our local library's big book sale, and came across some of my daily notations scrawled quickly as I watched our Betty and Dennis each year. What a lot of great memories of still favorite chick, Flag.

The body is not so co-operative either, as my 3rd TKR slipped, and I have to be careful of that leg all over again. The back is deffintely severe Spinal Stenosis in the lower back. Hoping to get an epidural, which could possibly help not only the back but the nerves in the right leg too. I've really had it with the "gimping" along so to speak.

Well now that I've been able to let you know I haven't fallen off the edge of the earth, I'll looked around and see what's happening before I get bumped, or errored off the site!
martyc35 04/07/10 11:45 pm Good to have you back again, Lyn. I commiserate on your back and leg problems, and I am here to tell you that the epidurals helped me greatly. I hope you get some relief; that's terrible pain, I know.
I think we all miss Flag, but the ospreys in general really seem to be bouncing back.
Tiger 04/08/10 05:56 am Oh lovely to see you again Lynn.

So who is next on the MIA list. Walter?

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