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Thread subject: Some notes on Henlopen
Name Date Message
Melanie 04/12/10 03:42 pm I've been watching this since the first few days the cam came on. Last year it was very contentious with two females competing for one male. The result was no eggs.

There have always been two birds on the nest this year and they appear to be very comfortable with each others' presence. One has a very prominent necklace; the other a lighter but definite necklace. At first I thought it was perhaps two adolescent sisters from a previous brood, but then mating started taking place so I had to rethink that. I made the assumption that the female arrived first but now that I know the male is also definitely necklaced I can't know who arrived first. The nest has been well built up with lots of soft nest lining materials are still being brought in. It's hard to say there is any of the normal bonding behavior going on that we are used to seeing. She doesn't spend any time calling for food and he brings none. As a matter of fact, she is the only one who has brought any fish to the nest and then the male got all excited with the appearance of food but she didn't share. She instead flew off to enjoy her meal.

They both react defensively to what could be interpreted as intruders; the calls definitely sound territorial and their behavior clearly demonstrates that nest is theirs.

Both birds are spending an inordinate amount of time on the nest together and the "tilts" seem awkward. I just watched one encounter and the "male" flew up on top and stayed on for a good 15 seconds. He also didn't curl up his talons as an experienced (and considerate) suitor would have done. While she does not vocally object to this treatment, she does generally do a very exaggerated tilt which is more of a complete vertical headstand rather than a full tilt, consequently he often slides off right over her head so it's hard to know if the mating was successful or not. He doesn't appear to have a very strong libido unless they have a favorite place to go out of camera range for romance.

Unless eggs appear, I am seriously thinking this is an adolescent pair who are playing house and one of them has yet to reached full sexual maturity. Time will tell.
martyc35 04/12/10 05:05 pm In honor of his male necklace and correspondingly icy behavior, I name him Bjorn:-). I am speaking of ospreys only, here, lest anyone take offense.
Melanie 04/12/10 05:37 pm He kind of reminds me of Onslow on Keeping up Appearances, but without the sweater vest ;-p
martyc35 04/12/10 05:42 pm EEEEuw!
Marie 04/14/10 12:40 am LOL....I know that program...Mel.. ha ha!

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