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Thread subject: Egg at Loch of the Lowes?
Name Date Message
Anne UK1 04/13/10 03:03 am It looks as if Marge is keeping something warm this morning :)
Darren01 04/13/10 03:20 am Certainly does Anne..stand up Marge so we can see??
Tiger 04/13/10 04:35 am Is that egg number 56?
Tiger 04/13/10 04:43 am See Marge with egg
Darren01 04/13/10 04:43 am Yup think it is...she just keeps ticking away, what a lady:)
Tiger 04/13/10 04:46 am The new egg on Video
Darren01 04/13/10 04:48 am Thanks Tiger, can't watch the video at the mo (in work!!) but nice capture..
Anne UK1 04/13/10 05:28 am Ha ha Tiger - you beat me to it! :) My version is on my youtube channel (gosh I'm getting clever these days) with a few other clips from LoL & LG - Link
DaisyG 04/13/10 05:55 am My clip of Marge rolling the egg

Tiger 04/13/10 06:02 am Oh Anne you doing videos now. You are coming on in leaps and bounds.
martyc35 04/13/10 11:58 am Oh, thank you all for that. Great shots, and charming video, Daisy. Good Marge!
Celeste 04/13/10 06:59 pm What an osprey pro Marge is! Thanks all for the many things to keep track of for me these days. The "Readers Digest" version on this Message Board is what I seem to have time for. Thanks all!
Marie 04/14/10 12:31 am Great pics and video Tiger and Daisy of Marge with her egg.
Anne interesting video of yours of Odin bringing in a fish and standing on it for almost 6 mins , Ej doesn't even go after the fish then she flies off and then this crazy male decides to do that belly flop stuff with his legs out stretched behind him and create a dust storm. I believe the fish flies out of the nest with other debris. I never saw the fish again. Did you?
Anne UK1 04/14/10 06:09 am Marie I think EJ does take the fish. Difficult to see because Odin blocks the view, but around 5 minutes in EJ starts squeaking at him and looking a bit perplexed, he turns sideways and it looks as if she moves in to take the fish from his right foot before flying away.

It was a strange scene though - I don't think I've ever seen a female that unexcited by a delivery.
Marie 04/14/10 12:07 pm lol thanks Anne. Guess I must look at it again.
Anne UK1 04/14/10 05:43 pm I saw another odd scene this afternoon. I'd only just tuned in and wasn't downloading unfortunately. There was one bird on the nest and the other flew in with what looked to be a smallish bit of fish. This was willingly passed to the first osprey who flew off with it.

I'd automatically assumed it was male delivering to female, but when I looked properly I realised it was EJ who was now on the nest - so she had delivered to Odin. Is that unusual or does it just seem that way to me because I've not seen it happen before?

I don't know if anyone got a capture of it - I find it hard work ploughing through all the posts over there to be honest, so I give the chat a miss. Maybe Daisy or Tiger would know.
martyc35 04/14/10 10:36 pm Seems perfectly natural for EJ to me. She can do practically anything, after all.

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