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Thread subject: How many babies at Decorah?
Name Date Message
martyc35 04/13/10 12:15 pm I've been checking in here pretty often, and I've seen two eaglets most of the time, but this morning I have seen two on the left and another peeping out from under Mom's right side. Are there three and I have mostly missed the third? Is there a chat list or blog accounting for this nest? I haven't found it. But I haven't really looked very hard, I'll admit.
BETH-OH 04/13/10 01:58 pm I help on a bird forum marty and we have a thread for the Decorah nest...
Bird Cams Around the World Decorah Link

3 eaglets marty!
Shelley 04/13/10 04:57 pm I am still ticked off that I am unable to access the cam again. For awhile, the problem seemed to disappear, then, right before the hatchings, no access again. Damn.

Thanks for the update, though. I am happy that things are going well there. She seems such a serene mama
martyc35 04/13/10 05:27 pm Thanks, BETH-OH. I will look in at that thread. Shelley, how awful that you can't get in to the cam. I don't know what to tell you. Yes, she sometimes seems almost too serene for my taste. Yesterday, the two most active babies looked like they were dangerously near the edge of the nest. While I suppressed a scream, Mom just continued tucking little bits of nest material here and there. I was happy to see all safe again this morning. Glad to know there are really three, and I wasn't just seeing things.
Anne UK1 04/13/10 06:02 pm Shelley, the problem is with Internet Explorer versions 6 & 7.

Either upgrade to IE8 - here

There is an illustrated instruction page - here - that you might want to take a look at first.

Or download google chrome here
martyc35 04/13/10 06:22 pm Anne UK1: You are getting entirely too techy for this site. We shall have to ban you if you keep learning all these new things and making us look so ridiculous.
Anne UK1 04/13/10 06:42 pm Sorry Marty :))

I'll let you into a secret - my mum decided a few months ago to venture into the modern world and bought herself a laptop - and there's only me to teach her how to use it. So .... I've had to get brave and start finding out how to do things. It's opened up a whole new world!

Not sure I altogether understand what I'm doing half the time, but I have been surprised at how simple a lot of things actually are when you try them out. And if something doesn't work it doesn't work - I'm no worse off than I was before, and if it does work then I feel quite pleased with myself.
Celeste 04/13/10 06:57 pm For a change I have the cam running, though it is pausing a lot. Both parents were in the nest, and for the time I'm watching the eaglets are under Mom with a peek at only one at this moment.

Shelley I do hope you will try Anne's suggestion, you have been a dedicated watcher from the beginning. For now the Mac is not having any issues loading this cam unless there are to many people watching. (fingers crossed):-)

Shelley 04/13/10 08:38 pm Anne and Marty, you both crack me up. I will try Anne's links later in the week, maybe on the weekend when I have the time. Right now, I only get to peek early morning while I am having breakfast or when I get home from work, exhausted and neither time is suitable to face possible (and probable) techno-frustrations. Ahem. But Celeste, I am currently devoted to Molly and her 4 puffballs in San Marcos, California. They are just too adorable! So I am at least getting a live baby fix from there!

martyc35 04/13/10 08:52 pm Shelley: With two and possibly three eggs now at the best site in the world for watching Peregrine babies, I hope you will soon both solve your technical problems and find plenty of little ones to watch.
Marie 04/14/10 12:06 am When I checked in this morning no adults in the nest and three little bobble heads were evident. One was squealing the other two flopped over. Infact the bigger eaglet was lying on one in the middle. It didn't like it much. Then one adult flew in and then the other. Neither had any food. I left at that point just as the male flew off, hopefully to get something to eat. A first to find no left overs in the nest for future feedings for these tiny mouths.
Anne UK1 04/14/10 05:52 am One other thing I meant to mention Shelley - if you download a new browser, such as google chrome, it would be an extra which you could use just as and when you wanted. It wouldn't override your existing version of IE - that would still be in place just as it is now.

So you'd be able to carry on exactly as you are, but with the option of switching to the new browser just to view Decorah, if that's the way you'd be happiest.

As a footnote - I just checked the Decorah cam and there seems to be a problem this morning. Hopefully it's temporary.

Pamela 04/14/10 07:14 am Everyone can relax breakfast has arrived and the gorgeous white tail feathers of a parent are bobbing up and down while the kids are being fed.
Shelley, if you wait a few minutes while the circle goes around numbers will appear and then the view appears.
Marie 04/14/10 11:57 am There is a problem with her three babies being so close to the edge of the nest...She needs to herd them closer to the middle on the nest. Not a good thing in my opinion right now. Way to close to the edge.
martyc35 04/14/10 12:28 pm They seem to be pretty much hiding under Mom right now. The cam has been zoomed in on the nest; can't see the road and surrounding countryside much at all now.
Celeste 04/14/10 02:41 pm Two chubby rears side by side can be seen at the front of Mom.:-)

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