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Thread subject: Earthquake
Name Date Message
Carla 04/14/10 09:29 am Only a few minutes to check emails and see there was an big earthquake in China again. Anyone know if it was the area where our baby panda Tai Shan is now living?
Melanie 04/14/10 10:51 am I believe it was in the Southwest near Tibet. Our baby boy is in a more central part of China
Celeste 04/14/10 02:36 pm And thankfully Cathy is not in that area either.
FOB Webmaster 04/14/10 06:04 pm Here is the website for Tai's new home: China Wolong Panda

They post a good bit of news and photos about him.
FOB Webmaster 04/14/10 06:12 pm Just got this from Pandas International:

Earthquake Upate
While we deeply regret the loss of life, it is our understanding that no captive pandas have been harmed in the recent earthquake in neighboring Qinghua province.

Our best estimation with the given information is that the earthquake's epicenter appears to be about 600 kilometers or 373 miles from Chengdu, Sichuan, China. News reports have put the epicenter halfway between the cities of Xining (B) and Lhasa (A) in the Qinghua province.

The Chengdu Giant Panda Center (C), which houses Mei Lan from Zoo Atlanta, among others, and the Panda Center at Bifengxia (D), which houses about 90 pandas including Tai Shan of the National Zoo, appear to be unaffected by the earthquake. If we receive any further news, we will keep you posted.
Shelley 04/14/10 09:34 pm Is Cathy in China right now or is she back in the States?

There seems to be such a lot of extreme weather happening in so many places lately!
martyc35 04/14/10 10:32 pm Is that Cathy in Washington state? She just posted about the WA state nest the other day and I just assumed she was in the NW, not in China. Of course, with the internet, who knows where anyone is?
Carla 04/15/10 01:17 pm Thanks everyone. Makes me feel better as I worry about our little guy since he left.
martyc35 04/15/10 02:19 pm My little rant, so excuse it, please. We had a 6.9 quake here on Jan. 9th, three days before the 7.0 in Haiti. This quake in China is reported to have been a 6.9 (maybe a 7.2). The comparative damage in both Haiti and now near Tibet in China is appalling. We all know how poor Haiti is and has been for a long time. But in China, in areas that have long been known to be quake-prone, I deduce that it is just plain lack of government will to do anything to protect its own citizens. More than 600 dead and tens of thousands of injured, and yet China has money to invest in the US economy to help keep us above water when our bankers gamble away everything we have. No wonder Tibet and Taiwan wish they were entirely free of Chinese rule. Even the Pandas would wish so, if they only knew. Okay, rant over.

Any Brits on here experiencing volcano dust? All we get here are notifications of flight cancellations.
Anne UK1 04/15/10 05:00 pm No problems with dust in the south west Marty. None expected either from what I can gather. The cloud's so high I think it's only really a problem for planes - but that could last a good few days yet as the weather's set to stay the same for a week or so with the wind still coming from the north.

I just read in the paper tonight the last time this volcano erupted it lasted two years! No air traffic to be inconvenienced back then though (1821-23).

Agree with you totally about governments that don't care enough about their people. It's a sad world :(
martyc35 04/15/10 08:56 pm Thanks for answering, Anne. I hope the eruption doesn't last a long time. One map I saw showed volcano dust drifting over most of Scandanavia, the UK, nearly all of Finland and on into Russia. It's huge. French flights are grounded, too. Not to speak of what it must be doing to Iceland. It's absolutely awesome.
Glad you are not noticing it too much.
Anne UK1 04/16/10 03:23 am Yes Marty, it looks as if Scandinavia is being much more badly hit than the UK. I don't envy them and you have to wonder if it will affect wildlife.

A thin layer of dust on my car this morning is all there is to show anything's amiss here. And a very quiet sky of course.
cathy 04/17/10 09:51 am I'm in China and connect to my home country (U.S.) by enjoying this message board and checking my favorite osprey and eagle nests, including the one in my home state, Washington. The earthquake was in a sparsely populated area in Western China. Deserty place - so no pandas. Unfortunately, buildings collapsed and the people living there are suffering. (P.S. I really like living and working in China)
martyc35 04/18/10 11:32 am Good to hear from you, Cathy, and to know you are happy and safe. Send us some China pics when you can.

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