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Thread subject: For Shelley :)
Name Date Message
Anne UK1 04/18/10 05:51 pm One





Celeste 04/19/10 04:16 am Couldn't help peeking also:-) really caught the nest at a great far I only had the opportunity to catch a glimpse of 2! Great captures!
Shelley 04/19/10 06:30 am OH!! Thanks so much, Anne!

They are so adorable, but a little too close to the edge for my liking. Why doesn't mom shove them towards the centre a bit more. Once they start standing up, there isn't much room to wobble and topple! Eek!

Thanks again, Anne.

(by the way, I just learned to do a screen capture! I have a ton of the San Marcos owlets!

Anne UK1 04/19/10 05:31 pm You're welcome Shelley - and Celeste - and anyone else who wants a peek :)

I've been looking in for a while this evening, only able to see two and fearing one had got too close to the edge. But just as I was typing this message there was a food delivery, mum stood up and hey presto all three were visible. Phew!

Congrats on the screen captures Shelley - any joy with downloading an extra browser?

Today's pics Only two?

All three present and correct :)

martyc35 04/19/10 05:38 pm Thanks for the captures, Anne. I can't get over how monstrously large the alpha chick is. It's a wonder Mom still has three there, with one grabbing that much food. I've been nervous about them getting too close to the edge, too, but they always seem okay the next day. I guess Mom knows what she is doing.
Anne UK1 04/19/10 05:47 pm Yes, that one looks huge compared to the others Marty.

I've not been looking in for a while, but while I was watching yesterday the smallest one seemed to be getting a good share of food. I think I read there's plenty of fish close by the nest so hopefully there will be plenty to go round.
martyc35 04/19/10 05:50 pm Yes, the smartest eagles around, these. The nest is next to, if not above, a fish hatchery:-).
Shelley 04/19/10 05:55 pm Anne, please tell me how to download another browser. I am hopeless. I have Windows XP, InternetExplorer 7. What would you suggest?
Anne UK1 04/19/10 06:32 pm Download link for chrome - Here

There's a "How To" install it video - Here. You only need to watch the first bit - he seems to start waffling on about a lot of other stuff afterwards which I think might be a bit confusing.

There are lots of videos on youtube, I'm having a quick look to see if I can find a good one to link to to show you the basic features without going into too much depth. I'll add another post when I find one.
Anne UK1 04/19/10 07:08 pm Here we go - there's an interactive demonstration/help page - Here
Anne UK1 04/20/10 11:49 am One from just now - certainly looks like there's no shortage of food. Pic
Anne UK1 04/22/10 05:03 pm All looking good - and more evenly matched for size now? Pic

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