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Thread subject: Fao British Posters
Name Date Message
Anne 04/23/10 01:06 pm Did anyone else hear the bit on R4 this morning about Arne NR in Dorset trying to attract Ospreys to breed? They have erected nest platforms and I am sure they said they had placed plastic ospreys on site as well. I was half asleep so may have misheard the last bit.

Anyway, Arne is a wonderful site for Ospreys. Its in Poole Harbour and attracts many migrating birds in Spring and Autumn.
martyc35 04/23/10 01:22 pm I haven't heard anything about it, of course, although I do listen to BBC radio, the American version. Do plastic ospreys really exist? All we have in the U.S. are plastic flamingo and owl statues. I think.
Anne 04/23/10 03:22 pm LOL - I have never seen a plastic one Marty! I wish I could find the item on the net because they also mentioned a term I had never heard before - something like phishing - which apparently meant trying to trick birds into nesting somewhere they hadn't nested before.
Pam 04/23/10 04:20 pm I didn't hear it Anne but you can listen to todays R4 programmes again here:
Listen again
Hope that helps.
Anne UK1 04/23/10 04:58 pm There's an article about it here

There are others, you'll find them if you google arne dorset ospreys

An interesting experiment - I'll be fascinated to see if it works.
Tiger 04/23/10 07:03 pm I knew I saw this story. It was on p26 of today's Metro but I cannot find it online.

Here it is on Yahoo complete with polystyrene ospreys. See Article
Tiger 04/24/10 03:00 am Article coming on BBC1 now.
Anne UK1 04/24/10 04:02 am Just saw that Tiger. The video's here - don't know if it will play in the US though.
Pam 04/24/10 06:09 am I found that video quite amusing Anne. With their keen eyesight and seemingly sharp intelligence I don't think Ospreys would be fooled too long by those decoys - otherwise it conjures up comic pictures in my mind of all sorts of situations !!! Hope the plan works.
Anne UK1 04/24/10 06:21 am I had the same thought Pam - we've seen with our own eyes how an osprey on the nest can spot friend or foe from a great distance. I find it really hard to think they'd not spot an artificial bird. And, as you say, if they don't spot the difference there could be some very funny stuff going on! :))

But Roy Dennis says it has worked before in Europe, so maybe it will this time too. I'd really like to think so - and then maybe they might try it a bit nearer to me too. I live in hope.
Anne 04/24/10 11:59 am Oh thank you for finding all the links. I saw it on BBC News this morning and the fake Ospreys looked quite realistic!

We know someone who has a plastic Eagle owl on his boat but it does not deter the gulls from roosting on it! But the fake Ospreys might just tempt any passing Ospreys to come down and look at the nest sites.
Marie 04/24/10 12:05 pm Oh the video works well I am happy to say all the way from Canada, but the question is, would the osprey lure actually work once an osprey decides that is a great nest to take over. Perhaps the real osprey will destroy the lure seeing it as a threat or perch on it...I hope it works...time will tell I guess.
martyc35 04/24/10 12:52 pm At age 75, I thought I'd seen nearly everything, but I'm happy to say this is a new one for me. I'm inclined to agree with Anne UK1 that the real birds won't be fooled, but if Roy Dennis thinks it might work, then why not give it a try? Perhaps they will know when they see real bird sh_t decorating the plastic ones.
martyc35 04/24/10 01:00 pm P.S. Forgot to say after watching the video how perceptive Roy Dennis is in anticipating that an osprey flying over a nest and seeing fake bird poop surrounding the nest, might say, "Krikey, there were baby ospreys here last year!" It was the "Krikey" that totally cracked me up. Ospreys are so good at slang.
Anne UK1 04/25/10 05:25 pm Did you ever see a man more clearly completely happy in is work than Roy Dennis? You've got to envy him.

I bet he taught our ospreys all the slang they know though :))

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