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Thread subject: LOL cam--what's the secret?
Name Date Message
martyc35 04/25/10 12:55 pm I was about to post today's Dawn Chorus Bird Blog, which has a nice mention of the LOL nest and occupants, when I hit my bookmark to go look for myself. I can get the diary, the home page, but every time I click where it says to get the cam, I am transported back to the home page. What am I doing wrong? Do I have to donate now to see this cam? I never had to do that before. And while we are at it, are these birds named, as I notice that the diary host, Peter, only refers to them as "our female" (said to be 25 years old!) and "our male," now called the toy boy because he's so much younger. I'd sure love to look at that cam again, but I don't know the secret for viewing. Help, anyone?
cathleen 04/25/10 02:16 pm Hmmm...well, you do need Windows Media Player. On this page is the cam, lower down on the page (which looks exactly like the home page:

But you can also open the standalone Windows Media player and paste this into Open/URL:

to get the video stream. I find I have to click on the play button to get it going, and it takes a bit of time to load before playing...

Hope this helps.
martyc35 04/25/10 03:00 pm Thanks once again for your technical expertise, Cathleen. I am now getting it in WMPlayer, and I have saved it to the favorites there. I was getting nowhere with the other method. It said to click the play button below, but the only clickable thing was not a play button and kept taking me back to a previous page. Got it now, and many thanks!
Melanie 04/25/10 04:55 pm Marty - if you don't have it already get FlipForMac It's a Mac translator for Windows Media Player to Quicktime.
Anne UK1 04/25/10 05:21 pm I'm glad you've sorted out your viewing problems Marty. A bit disappointed to find there's no exciting secret to be discovered in this thread though - your headline had me fooled ;)

There are no official names for this pair. The Wildlife Trust people just call them the male and female.

People on forums seem to call the female by various names. On the blog I've seen mention of Marge, Madge, Mabel, Lola and Isla. There are probably even more out there. The old male was I think known to all as Stressed Eric, but this new one doesn't seem to have been christened as yet. I've seen one person refer to the pair as Lady and Laird, but that's about it. I call him by his leg ring id Green 7Y, but it's not too catchy is it.

martyc35 04/25/10 06:30 pm Thanks, Mel. I have FlipForMac, and now with my new Intel processor in the new iMac, I have tons of new stuff, including Google Chrome and lots of other stuff. I don't know why I couldn't get that cam, but Cathleen's suggestion worked just fine.

anneUK!--thanks for clarifying the name situation at LOL. I think I will just stick with male and female, too, or Green 7Y if I need to refer to the male in particular. Nice to know that nest is doing well. That's quite a scenic perch they have up there.

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