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Thread subject: Henlopen has an egg?
Name Date Message
Melanie 04/27/10 09:17 am Well smack me with a fish and color me surprised. It looks like Henlopen has their first egg. Based on what little activity there has been in that nest I really despaired of seeing an egg. I still haven't actually seen it but yesterday she had assumed the incubating position, was very restless and kept getting up, looking beneath her and rooting around and then snugging back down again. She has remained on the nest ever since (they have great night vision, by the way AND sound). The cam is currently positioned in a very weird spot and the cup is in the lower right corner so she is partially obscured but I'm pretty sure that's what's happened. I still think these are first-timers based on their behaviors.
martyc35 04/27/10 11:24 am She is still there, hunkered down, but I wish the cam were pointed more directly at the bird, although that scene beyond is really spectacular.
Melanie 04/27/10 11:26 am It's positively neon at night. I shot an email to the park and asked them if they could pan a little over to get more of her in the shot.
Melanie 04/27/10 03:54 pm It looks like they've moved the cam over a bit - I feel like the new Microsoft commercial - I told them to do it and they did!
martyc35 04/27/10 04:00 pm Oh, yes, it's much better now. Good work, Mel. She does seem quite settled in, too. LINK
jazzel26 04/27/10 04:18 pm I sent them an email about the cam view last night too, guess they got the message : - ) Group efforts work!!

I've been watching. If she doesn't have an egg, I'm taking a remedial Osprey Observation 101 course!!

It will be hard to se an egg in all the nesting material, but we know a roll when we see it, and then the incubation switches..
Melanie 04/27/10 09:58 pm Poor gal - the wind has kicked up and is blowing 17 mph out of the north - apparently she hasn't figured out that if she faces into the wind she will have a better time of it. For the past hour she's been facing south and getting a lot of wind blown up her tail feathers and bounced around pretty good. She looks like she's sitting on something that's trying to escape - she's bouncing around that much.

As I write this she has gotten herself turned around a bit more so she's now facing more to the west so things are going a bit easier for her.

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