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Thread subject: Bayard Arboretum
Name Date Message
Celeste 04/28/10 07:25 am In between a rainstorm, made a quick stop, "finally" to one of my favorite nests on Long Island at the Bayard Arboretum. Last year this famous chimney nest was not occupied, first time since 2003 I believe. Right after we parked the car, the female was facing the back of the nest, looking down and watching me closely as I got closer and closer to get her photo. She gave me some soft territorial chirps which was music to my ears. Some photos of a beautiful, tranquil area of Long Island, where people can go back in time sitting on the porch of the mansion, or enjoy a cup of tea in the beautiful tea room overlooking the Connetquot River.

In March, Bayards lost many rare European trees over a 100 yrs old during a nor'eastner. I'm glad the famous, (weeping beech I believe), which has a walkway surrounding the tree where one can hide and walk around the trunk of the tree is still standing.

Pam 04/28/10 09:58 am Lovely pictures Celeste - thanks for sharing them with all of us. She certainly is Queen of the Castle in that splendid nest. It looks so peaceful there.
martyc35 04/28/10 11:58 am Oh, thank you, Celeste, for making that trip and getting those lovely photos. The weeping beech is spectacular, and so of course is mom O on the chimney nest. Nice to see the tea room, too. The green lawns remind me of pics of Ireland!
terryo 04/28/10 04:52 pm Thanks for the pics Celeste, the lady of the manor looks so regal atop her throne.
Anne UK1 04/28/10 05:31 pm Wow. What a fantastic place - the peace just oozes out of those photos! And fancy an osprey nesting on top of the chimney like that.

Where is the arboretum in relation to DPOF?
Celeste 04/28/10 07:28 pm It is one of my favorite places to visit, an escape!

The Arboretum is 25 miles west of the DPOF nest. Both are located in Suffolk County. The Arboretum was the Estate of Bayard Cutting, a late 19th Century American Industrialist. The Vanderbilts had a home on the other side of the Connetquot River across from the Bayard Estate. The Vanderbilts had a deep water channel dug so that their yacht could come up from the ocean to his beautiful estate which is now Dowling College. I live in Nassau County which is another 20 miles West of the Arboretum nest.

The Bayard Cutting Arboretum is a part of the NY State Parks. Below is a link with a map.

Bayard Cutting

Anne UK1 04/29/10 06:12 pm Thanks Celeste. I'll study the website when I get a minute. It certainly looks a wonderful place to spend a few hours.

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