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Thread subject: WHOI NEST
Name Date Message
jazzel26 04/28/10 02:09 pm Both on the nest this afternoon and even a mating attempt. This is the first both have been on the nest since 4/22, the last time one was on the nest was, twice, on 4/24 for less a minute.

I'll take a ride down to the nest now. I'll leave the screen recording on.
Pam 04/28/10 06:19 pm There is an Osprey there right now.
Pam 04/28/10 06:21 pm Just flew off !
Pic here
Pam 04/29/10 06:29 am A big new stick has been added this morning.
martyc35 04/29/10 11:35 am Thanks for the pic. That's the first sign of feathers I've seen there so far. And the stick is most welcome, too.
Anne UK1 04/29/10 06:11 pm Someone was at home with a fish - pic

until a hawk dropped in - pic

martyc35 04/29/10 06:26 pm Hmmmm. Maybe that's why they've had so much trouble establishing the nest.
jazzel26 04/29/10 08:34 pm The big new stick was not added this morning, it was moved by.. I didn't witness the move... but I can say , without a doubt, it was moved from the upper left of the nest...could be the the 35 mph winds. The high winds, also, may be the reason all the nesting material has disappeared.

Anne, as far as I know, and please correct me if i'm wrong...ospreys do not eat fish on their nest, unless they are feeding their chicks.

Martyc35, we have and will , I hope , always have RTH's. They are are not the issue, at the moment ..If you information to suggest otherwise, please post it..

Anne UK1 04/30/10 02:53 am Oh Jazzel, I don't know about the eating. The more knowledgeable posters on here will be able to answer that one - though I do have it in my mind that I've seen the Scottish ospreys eating on the nest this season.

While I was watching he/she was mostly just stood there with the fish where you see it in the pic. I thought towards the end there were movements as if it was eating, but the cam kept buffering plus I was playing with paint to get the captures, so I can't be sure what was going on.
Pam 04/30/10 05:31 am Amazing that you should catch the Red-tail Anne.
Anne UK1 04/30/10 06:11 am To be honest Pam I didn't even realise what it was to start with. The osprey was on the nest, the cam froze and when it came back I thought "funny, I've not noticed all that white on the body feathers before". Then I spotted the red coloured tail and realised I'd missed some serious action :(
Melanie 04/30/10 10:32 am From what we have seen from the DPOF nest, you're right Jazzel. The adults don't generally eat in the nest. While we have routinely seen the male bring headless fish to the incubating female (or even during courtship), she will fly off with it while the male takes over the duties.
Anne UK1 04/30/10 02:28 pm Difficult to know exactly what was happening there yesterday. The osprey was already on the nest when I tuned in. My feeling was it was the male waiting for the female to turn up and be pleased he'd brought her a fish. He was stood like that for 10 or 15 minutes - towards the end I thought maybe he had the odd little peck at the head end, but as the cam kept buffering I couldn't really tell.

There's been nobody home the couple of times I've been able to look in today.

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