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Thread subject: Decorah today
Name Date Message
Anne UK1 04/29/10 06:51 pm Number One chick is getting even more huge.




martyc35 04/29/10 07:32 pm LOL! Number One chick has really big feet, too. Besides its big mouth, I mean:-).
Celeste 04/30/10 05:20 am Nice and chubby!
Pam 04/30/10 05:26 am Great pics thanks Anne. Long time since I looked at that nest - so many to catch up on.
Shelley 04/30/10 05:45 am Thanks for this, Anne. So great to see them growing up and so healthy.
Anne UK1 04/30/10 06:07 am Any luck with downloading a new browser Shelley?

Yes Pam, way too many nests. I'm having to ignore threads that might point me towards new ones :(

And Marty, those feet are just ridiculous aren't they :)))
Pamela 04/30/10 02:23 pm Anne, I really enjoy your pictures as there is no chance of the eaglets falling out of the nest! Watching them live just puts my nerves on edge as the little feathery bodies are sometimes there as well.
Anne UK1 04/30/10 02:26 pm I know what you mean Pamela. I think the cam's on a slight slant too so it looks as if the nest slopes, so that doesn't help. I have a good feeling about this nest though :)
Pamela 04/30/10 05:23 pm I'm relying on your opinion Anne:)
Shelley 04/30/10 05:28 pm Oh, Anne, I'm such a slug. I haven't even tried. I'm not managing my time very well lately so maybe it's just as well, for now. Watching the Molly and McGee nest is taking up much of my live cam viewing and I just noticed that Phoebe (or the newest incarnation of her) is back sitting on 2 eggs, as well. So, I too, am enjoying your photo posts here of Decorah
Anne UK1 04/30/10 06:26 pm Nothing wrong with being a slug :) I was just worried when we didn't hear from you for a few days that I'd led you into a problem.

I look in on the owls occasionally but never catch any action. They're funny things those chicks aren't they - not what you'd call pretty at this stage.

I'm trying to get attached to the new Phoebe - one hummer ought to look and feel much like another - but I haven't managed it yet. I'd so have liked the old one to have had one successful nest after such difficult times this year, but I guess she'd just got to the end of that particular road. I hope she's having a relaxing retirement in a nearby quiet garden.

If no-one's getting bored of captures from Decorah I'll carry on adding them as the chicks grow. It's the first eagle nest I've followed properly so it's a new experience for me.
martyc35 05/01/10 01:10 pm Keep it up, Anne UK1. I never get bored.

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