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Thread subject: A 2 Year Old Osprey Returns to Rutland
Name Date Message
Tiger 04/30/10 05:25 am A Two year old osprey viz. 05 (08) is reported as having returned to Rutland. Here was the last view of it in 2008. See 05 (08)

The early life of 05 (08) is documented at Dairy08

Pam 04/30/10 05:28 am Thanks for the news Tiger...must try and get out there some time soon.
Anne UK1 04/30/10 06:05 am That's early isn't it? I thought youngsters didn't come back until later in the year first time around.

No time to read up on it now, but I saw a clip yesterday of an intruder at Loch Garten. EJ didn't seem too upset and I wondered fleetingly if it might be Nethy. Dismissed the idea because it's not summer yet and of course they think she's not survived anyway, but might there be a chance do you reckon Tiger? I don't follow the blogs over there because there's just too much to read - has any discussion taken place do you know.
Anne UK1 04/30/10 06:18 am One other question. How do they know it's an 08 bird? Does the ring give the year as well as the 05 number, or is it just there's not been an 05 before.

Interesting to see from your photo that the feathers still seem to have the rounded white edges. When do they change to the proper adult looking plumage.

There must be huge excitement up there to see this one back :)
Tiger 04/30/10 06:40 am Anne almost anything can happen but whether it is likely or not is a different matter. I always thought that SSK a juvenile from 2002 was dead until she popped up alive and well in "Life of Ospreys" page 103 by Roy Dennis.

Personally I do not think we will see Nethy again but I could always bew wrong.

There has not been much discussion of the intruder at Loch Garten.

The reason they know the bird is 05 (08) is that it is has a white ring with a 05 on it.

That picture I published is from 2008. It is not one taken of the new arrival. That will presumably appear in the next day or so.
Tiger 04/30/10 08:20 am Here is the news of the newly returned osprey. See News
Anne UK1 04/30/10 09:19 am Thanks Tiger. I find it absolutely fascinating - and thrilling that he's back safely to where he started. It's going to be interesting to see what he does next.

He may not have the white tipped plumage any more, but he still looks very new and shiny doesn't he. If only he could tell of his adventures the last 18 months or so.
martyc35 04/30/10 12:31 pm So exciting to see proof that a young one can return home, and a lot sooner than expected, too. He's looking really good, wherever he spent his winter. Makes me wish Flag had been ringed so we'd know whether he ever came back.
Anne UK1 04/30/10 02:23 pm This is the clip of EJ - she doesn't look too upset? Link

Oh Marty, I'd love to have been able to follow Flag. That was one little character.
martyc35 04/30/10 03:14 pm No, she stayed pretty calm through that. But was that Odin chirping in defense nearby? It wasn't EJ. Sure could have been a clan member, as it didn't seem to pose much of a thrreat.
Anne UK1 04/30/10 05:12 pm I guess it was Odin chirping. Sounded like he was perched in a tree rather than chasing. Maybe they both felt it wasn't anything to get too worried about, but as this is only their second year together I don't suppose he'd know any of EJ's relatives. A puzzle.
martyc35 05/01/10 01:23 pm I am always amazed at how much they seem to know and communicate. No sense in speculating, of course, but it's always tempting. Could be the intruder was not being particularly aggressive, or EJ's response made Odin less worried. Who knows? Not me, for sure.

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