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Thread subject: The Carmans and her Ospreys
Name Date Message
terryo 05/01/10 07:15 pm I took another kayaking trip on the Carmans this morning and saw a total of 9 ospreys, 4 pairs and one loner. Two of the birds were in the top of a tree that I've never seen birds in before. I know where Wertheim nests #1 and 2 birds hang out when out of their nests but I have a feeling these might be new to the area or first returnees who were born in this area. Hard to tell of course. They apparently don't have a manmade nest to go to so I'm hoping they'll build a natural nest and hang around. Plenty of fish to go round. All in all a very nice morning especially seeing Dennis & Betty again. Enjoy,

Tiger 05/01/10 07:21 pm Thank you terryo. It is really good to see Betty and Dennis again.
Mickey 05/01/10 07:35 pm lovely day and pictures Terry.Thanks for thinking of us. was it alittle chilly on the water ?
martyc35 05/01/10 07:46 pm Those were great, Terry. So glad you could get out there today.
I hope the new pair will establish a nest there, too.
Kelly 05/01/10 07:54 pm Most excellent ... thanks for sharing :)))
Kathy 05/01/10 08:05 pm So nice to see Betty & Dennis again...thanks Terry.
terryo 05/01/10 08:15 pm Mickey, it was really hot out there today and I was only out from 7:30-12:30, forgot my suntan lotion so I'm paying for it now lol. Seeing that new pair of ospreys really made my day. The male osprey from the Wertheim #2 nest was really tolerant of me. I was able to paddle within about 100-125 ft of where he was in his tree and he didn't chirp one time at me, just looked at me every few minutes and when back to preening itself.
Pamela 05/01/10 09:28 pm Thanks Terry. Wow, your photos really bring home how much I miss the cam. The Osprey pictures are beautiful and the many shades of new leaves are such a welcome sight. Thanks Terry.
Marie 05/01/10 09:48 pm Thanks Terry ...always nice to know that ospreys still use the nest at DPOF. ;-)
Celeste 05/02/10 06:04 am Oh thank you, thank you Terry. When I read your notation on the photos of Betty and Dennis, I must admit a bit of lump came to my throat:-) So good to see them. And wonderful about the new got some great photos...loved the photo of the new couple! The warm weather came overnight didn't it. Hope I can get over there before the bugs come out in full force!
DaisyG 05/02/10 06:34 am Brilliant! Thanks Terry! :)
Pam 05/02/10 08:25 am Super photos Terry - worth the sunburn. Thanks so much for sharing them with us. As Celeste says, so good to see the DP nest again with this year's Dennis and Betty. It's great that there is so much fish around - not every year has been like that. No raiding of the Koi pond necessary right now :-))
cathy 05/02/10 09:35 am Thanks for the photos of so many well fed ospreys. Good to see Dennis and Betty again too.
Anne UK1 05/02/10 10:29 am Oh thank you Terry. I'm so missing the cam, it's good to see some photos and know life goes on as normal for Dennis, Betty and their neighbours.

I'd love to know if either of the new pair are chicks from previous years ...

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