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Thread subject: Nuavo eggs
Name Date Message
Pam 05/02/10 11:59 am Here
I don't know why but I could not get to my previous message to add this link....
martyc35 05/02/10 12:21 pm Thanks, Pam. You are up so much earlier, thank goodness.
BETH-OH 05/02/10 03:03 pm This morning Ploughboy (Finland forum) sent this update to Jazzel

"In Seili there has been an intruder since yesterday (05:00 PM EEST). The intruder has ring in his/hers left foot and ospreys who are nesting there are not ringed.

We are not sure where the "permanent" male is now.. maybe he visited the nest early this morning but he was there only a moment and left again.

Fortunately after all those "attack episodes" the eggs are in safety and now we must hope that the right male returns soon and brings some fish to female.

The intruder makes all that mess...there is nothing to do with the boats.
(We have photos of a boat near the nest yesterday)
This boat that was there yesterday, belongs propably to Archipelago Research Institute,,, they'll sure know how to act nearby nest."

Pam 05/02/10 04:31 pm That's interesting Beth. There was another bird perched on the far end edge of the nest when I photographed the female with her eggs. I thought it looked a bit strange. It didn't seem to be relating to the female and whilst I was processing the photos they had both flown off leaving the eggs untended. The next time I looked the female was back brooding the eggs on her own. Maybe that was the intruder. Wish I had taken a picture now.
Kelly 05/02/10 08:50 pm Some very intense moments the last couple of days for sure! As far as I know, there's still no sign of the resident male.

Here's one pic I grabbed yesterday and one from today.

The ringed intruder on the nest.

Pic of the boat Ploughboy refers to.
Tiger 05/03/10 04:57 am Seems like the eggs may be gone.
DaisyG 05/03/10 05:03 am Yes, looks bad Tiger :(
DaisyG 05/03/10 05:14 am Link to translated thread on Ospreys Nest Forum
DaisyG 05/03/10 05:44 am Female now back on nest sitting. Was the sabotage attempt unsuccessful? Not sure what has happened to her mate.
DaisyG 05/03/10 06:06 am A male came to the nest and she seems to be tolerating him but they have both left the nest again. The eggs are still there.


Both back again now. Capture
BETH-OH 05/03/10 07:43 am Ploughboy info...
The intruder today tried to destroy(?) the eggs...
The ospreys returned to nest at 12:30 PM (EEST)...
Now we have three ospreys in the nest... The third one is very dark and never seen before...
DaisyG 05/03/10 07:45 am Yes but the female seems to have accepted this ringed male. Is he now doing a 'Henry' and trying to get rid of the eggs?
BETH-OH 05/03/10 07:51 am Very good question Daisy...I didn't know it was
the ringed Osprey that tried to destroy the eggs.
DaisyG 05/03/10 08:52 am I am not sure of anything now Beth. Saw the dark female on the nest with the unringed female and ringed male earlier, then another male arrived on the nest more recently. Two lots of three on the nest at separate times! Confusing or what?
Matt 05/03/10 10:03 am I looked just now and I don't see any eggs there at all. I did compare with the pic and definitely they are gone.
martyc35 05/03/10 12:08 pm Icouln\dn't see any eggs there this morning, either, Matt. I finally just caught up with the photos and diary, and I have to say that the dark, intruding bird is SO different I wasn't even sure it was an osprey at first. He's a nasty looking osprey, that's for sure, but he may be just a youngster, after all. Never a dull moment at that site. If it isn't crows or huge white tailed eagles, it's Darth Vader. That's my name for the new guy.
DaisyG 05/04/10 03:36 am All looks calm this morning. There must still be eggs as the female has been sitting overnight and is still there now.
martyc35 05/04/10 11:56 am I wondered about the eggs again, too, Daisy. That nest has such a deep bowl, and mom seems to cover them up, so we might not be able to see them. I looked in as it was getting dark there last night, and mom was there, at the edge, staring out to sea, fully vigilant. Perhaps she didn't lose her eggs. I hope.

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