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Thread subject: A Very Different "hummingbird" survival story/video
Name Date Message
Celeste 05/02/10 04:13 pm A friend who lives on California, sent me this video about a baby hummingbird who fell out of its nest. The person who rescued this hummingbird, wrote the following..

"This is actually a pretty amazing story about a baby hummingbird that I found on a sidewalk. He couldn't fly, so I took him under my wing. At night, he would come home to our house for safety. During the day, he was in the backyard of the house near where I found him. About 4 days after I found him, I was holding him in my cupped hands when his mama came by to feed him. She had seen me around, I guess, because she just flew over, perched on my hand and then fed him. This happened a number of times, so I called a friend who is good with a video camera, and he came over to film some of the amazing goings on that I told him about."

I thought those of you who were following the hummingbird nest a couple of months ago, would especially enjoy this video.

Anne UK1 05/02/10 04:25 pm What a lovely - and amazing - story. Thank you Celeste :)
Pam 05/02/10 04:42 pm Thanks for sharing that Celeste. I found it riveting to watch. How the man held his hands so still amazed me. I always find it quite moving when wildlife trusts human beings like that.
martyc35 05/02/10 05:41 pm Wow. That was impressive. I'm glad the poor little bird recovered. Thanks, Celeste.
terryo 05/02/10 06:06 pm That was very uplifting, definitely one very fortunate hummer, so tiny yet so tough. Thanks for the video link.
Pamela 05/02/10 06:12 pm Amazing, Celeste, I'm definitely for happy endings! We are all anxiously waiting for the first Ruby throated Hummingbird to arrive in our neighborhood. The feeders have been out since April 15, but nothing yet in the vicinity with tiny fluttering wings.
Melanie 05/02/10 06:28 pm They arrived in Maryland about 3 days ago. They are definitely on the way!
cathy 05/02/10 08:40 pm It seems there is a natural instinct to care for young animals - they are so appealing and seem to have a strong will to live. Lovely to see cross-species caring.
Shelley 05/03/10 06:17 am Thanks for this, Celeste.It is so great to read a good-news story, these days. While I was there (on youtube) I also found this one and thought it was so cool and sweet:

hand feeding
Pamela 05/03/10 09:16 am With the words barely out in cyber space, a male and female hummer have been spotted separately at the feeder :))
Lori 05/03/10 11:43 am A mother's love knows no fear........

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