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Thread subject: A Kodak moment
Name Date Message
Pamela 05/04/10 09:49 am We know they're winners and now Kodak does!
Matt 05/04/10 09:54 am Great shot.

I love this part of the caption. "further encourage the Osprey's recovery".

I honestly think they've recovered. We're loaded with them here.
Tiger 05/04/10 01:36 pm Wehey Pamela. I see you are doing hyperlinks!
Anne UK1 05/04/10 02:02 pm Beautiful photo :)
Pamela 05/04/10 04:57 pm Did you catch the curtsy, Tiger? Woe is me though, I'm still unable to capture a picture or video.
Kelly 05/04/10 06:28 pm That's a fabulous photo! Thanks, Pamela :)
Shelley 05/04/10 07:16 pm Beautiful!
Marie 05/05/10 01:34 am Awesome!
Anne UK1 05/05/10 05:59 am Pamela - I only recently learnt how to download a video and was surprised to find it's actually very easy.

You should get a little box to the top right of the cam screen saying "download video". Just click and it starts happening automatically.

Or you can put your mouse over the cam screen and right click. You'll get a drop down menu, the last option being "download this video to real player".

When downloading starts a box will open in a new window - Real Player Downloader. It will list the video you're watching and you'll see the timer running. To stop the download click the little white box to the right of that line.

I've posted some screen caps in my Flickr account which hopefully show what I'm talking about - here (you'll probably need to enlarge them to see properly though!).

I've also tried posting some instructions on how to do screen captures. They sound very complicated I know, but it's not as difficult as it looks it's just that I'm not great at being concise. There may even be a quicker way of doing it - someone on here might be able to tell you, but this method works for me. Have a look anyway (again you'll need to enlarge the pictures) - here
Pamela 05/05/10 07:23 am Many thanks, Anne. Perhaps between you, Melanie, and Tiger (in fact the whole DPOF team) I will eventually become a more knowledgeable birder able to communicate with the world :)
Anne UK1 05/05/10 08:57 am I learnt most of what I know from this forum, particularly Tiger who taught me how to do captures.

It's so frustrating seeing something and not being able to save it or share it. I hope you learn the knack :)

Forgot to say that not all videos are downloadable. The two Scottish cams are, but Decorah isn't - though the new link I posted further down the page is. I don't know about other cams - trial and error is the way.
martyc35 05/05/10 11:32 am Thanks to your bravery, AUK1, I am going to dump Photobucket, which won't work properly for me anymore, and I can't seem to fix it, and switch to Flickr just as soon as I can find the time. Then, perhaps, I will be able to send links for pics again. Here I have the new computer, etc., but I've been stymied on sending pics except through e-mail, which is still the easiest, of course.
Anne UK1 05/05/10 04:34 pm I hope it works for you Marty - a shame about Photobucket though if you've got lots of photos on there.

I'd not tried these sort of sites before - I noticed Pam used Flickr so decided to give it a go and it's all pretty straightforward. I guess they all work on the same principle.
Celeste 05/05/10 05:16 pm Definitely a "Kodak" moment. The lighting was perfect. The wings look like gold! Beautiful!

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