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Thread subject: Nauvo
Name Date Message
Anne UK1 05/08/10 04:34 am Two eggs still, but sitting so far apart seems odd? No sign of an adult at the moment though I've only been watching a few minutes so that may not be significant. Pic
Anne UK1 05/08/10 04:37 am Oh, just a few minutes later and now I see only one egg :( Pic 2
Tiger 05/08/10 06:09 am Seems like there has been an incident!
cathy 05/08/10 06:29 am There is not only one dark brown egg. The other egg seems to have been removed and there is no adult present. Are there any suspects? Its such a lovely cam, too bad we may not see chicks.
Pam 05/08/10 07:05 am There appears to be a hollow just where the second egg was. Hopefully it may just have rolled down the slope out of view but why they should be separated is puzzling.
Anne UK1 05/08/10 07:13 am There were only a few minutes between my first photo and the second. I didn't see anyone visit the nest but I was pasting the screen shot into paste and uploading it to tinypic, plus of course it's a still cam and I was on the slow refresh rate so I could have missed it that way.

All I'd guess at is that it wasn't taken by a crow because he'd surely have come back by now for the second one?

Reading a few forums since Tiger's post it seems there has been a lot of trouble at the nest with intruders and the eggs were left uncovered for a long spell a few days ago so they may be unviable anyway.

A real shame though as it's such a beautiful cam to look at.
Tiger 05/08/10 07:25 am There are eagles around now too!
Pam 05/08/10 10:00 am It looks as though the nest may have been abandoned by the Ospreys. No change in the picture since I looked in earlier today. Nobody around and only one egg visible.
martyc35 05/08/10 11:29 am I think ospreys must be the smartest of raptors. What else could account for a brooding hen osprey knowing that it is time to abandon nonviable eggs, whereas Lola sits on them for months before giving up? Of course, I realize this post assumes way too much knowledge of facts we nothing about, but I don't want a scholarly answer, thank you, because I prefer to believe that ospreys are indeed very intelligent birds:-).
I, for one, will continue to watch this beautiful site, if not for a second clutch, then for the lovely scenery and passing ferry boats. I feel that way about the Minnesota osprey nest, too.
Pam 05/09/10 03:52 am It's a gloomy scene this morning. Grey and cold looking and now...the other egg seems to have gone - what a shame.
Pam 05/09/10 07:21 am Just looked in and there is an Osprey sitting there now so maybe we could look forward to a second batch of eggs??
cathy 05/09/10 10:50 am A sad looking nest after all the effort of migration, the optimism of nest-building, mating and egg laying and defense of the nest.
Pam 05/10/10 09:27 am The cam has been down again since yesterday - evening.

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