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Thread subject: Wetlands Institute - Stone Harbor, NJ
Name Date Message
FOB Webmaster 05/08/10 11:03 am I paid a visit to one of my favorite beach towns yesterday -- Stone Harbor, NJ -- and I visited their beautiful Wetlands Institute.

Stone Harbor is surrounded by a huge marsh that is filled with osprey platforms, and the Wetlands Institute is built right on the edge of the marsh.

The folks at the Institute wrote us at Blackwater a while back to inquire about our Osprey Cam operation, and now the Institute has their own cam. It's not on the Net yet, but they're planning to put it online eventually. You can see the cam in their main building, and the osprey female is currently on 4 eggs! I watched her for a while and she was having a hard time covering them all with her body. :-)

The Institute also has a wonderful salt marsh trail that leads out into the wetlands and an observation tower that gives you great views. You can see them on the virtual tour they have on their website.

If you ever pay a visit to the Wetlands Institute, be sure to check out the gift shop. They have lots of cool osprey items. I got a wonderful Xmas ornament showing an osprey on a platform nest. :-)
terryo 05/08/10 05:34 pm Thank you for the heads up, their building looks like a golf country club, very impressive. I saw on their website they also had an osprey poster from the wings n water festival from 1995, it was only $15 and there's an online order form. Love to be able to visit them one of these days, NJ is so far away from LI lol.
FOB Webmaster 05/08/10 06:04 pm Yes, it's funny but I have that poster. It was the one they sold at the Wings and Water Festival the year that I first discovered Stone Harbor.

It's one of the few artistic renderings I've seen of an osprey that actually looks accurate. It's a beautiful design showing the osprey flying over the marsh. Very nice.
Carla 05/09/10 10:00 am Looks like a really neat place, Lisa. Maybe I can get SERC to take the docents on a field trip to visit. Hopefully, they will get their cam on the net so we can watch (like I have time for watching yet another nest). I was disappointed SERC did not get their Osprey cam up this year but a Canada goose took it over anyway and the Osprey were unable to make it leave.
FOB Webmaster 05/09/10 01:15 pm Carla, that might be cool. The Institute has a trail that leads out into the marsh, and at the end of it is a nice pier where they take school children so they can pull things out of the marsh to study them. It's like a big outdoor classroom. They also have kayaks there that the kids can use to paddle out into the marsh.

The trail is filled with marsh birds. They were flying all around me on the way out. I think a lot of them nest in the area around the trail.

And if you're on your own, they also have a cool feature where you can use your cell phone to dial up a narrated tour of the trail. When you get to a numbered trail marker, you dial in the number and it explains the features at that particular place. Pretty neat.

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