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Thread subject: Foxy pics
Name Date Message
Pam 05/08/10 05:47 pm Not birds this time but an urban fox who regularly visits our garden. Thought I would share him/her with you.
Shelley 05/08/10 06:59 pm What a beautiful garden you have, Pam!!
terryo 05/08/10 08:38 pm Pam, do they still tally-ho with the hounds on fox hunts?
cathy 05/08/10 10:15 pm Such a large fox. The foxes I have seen in the U.S. are smaller. Your garden is beautiful. The fox is fortunate to be in an area where high-quality cheddar is available.
Pam 05/09/10 04:14 am Terryo - fox hunting is banned at the present time under Labour but the law may be repealed if the Conservatives are able to form a government. It's a very popular and traditional country sport and they still wear all the gear, red or black jackets, velvet hats etc., blow their horns and drink the stirrup cup - a glass of something fortifying - before they set off I believe.
These urban foxes are proliferating - they just raid rubbish bins etc and scavenge anything eatable they can find. You can often see them roaming around at night, just like dogs. The fox in the photo is actually quite a small one. Cathy: we have some wonderful cheeses in UK. Unfortunately they are all very fattening :-)
Carla 05/09/10 09:46 am I have a red fox that visits my yard regularly also but he does not find such a beautiful place as yours. Nor, do I ever feed him cheese. Thanks for posting the picture.
Pam 05/09/10 10:30 am I would love to see a picture of your fox Carla. I think the American foxes probably do look different.
martyc35 05/09/10 12:38 pm Great pics, Pam. Foxes and coyotes are exceedingly resourceful, almost frighteningly so, in some instances. The sheep and dairy farmers in Marin and Sonoma Counties, north of the SF Bay, were hell bent to keep them away from their livestock, so the red foxes and coyotes commuted across the Golden Gate Bridge to San Francisco, where they could be seen for the first time in generations, cavorting in the Presidio andGolden Gate Park. I know this sounds far-fetched, but the naturalists swear it is true.
Pam 05/10/10 05:04 am I guess like all wild animals they adapt to circumstances. Food and a safe place to make a home and procreate are their priorities.
Celeste 05/10/10 05:20 am Thrilling to see a fox...Beautiful garden Pam!
Carla 05/10/10 12:31 pm I can try to get a picture, Pam, but I watch him when I am sitting on my porch at night. I have to be careful because my cat trys to go through the screen (glass when doors are shut) when the fox comes in the yard. He (the fox) likes to eat from the dog's dish on my neighbor's back deck.
Nancy L 05/10/10 01:38 pm Mostly in our neighborhood, we have racoons & opossums raiding our garbage.
But we have plenty of foxes in more rural areas & I see them at our nature preserves here on Long Island.

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