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Thread subject: I cried.
Name Date Message
martyc35 05/09/10 10:05 pm Lincoln reports a window washer molesting Lola on the nest, and the wind blew down the Riverside nest with its chicks. Not a good Mother's Day for redtails in Manhattan. The St. John's chicks and Queens chicks look okay, though.
Celeste 05/10/10 05:19 am How horrid about the window washer. We had terrible winds starting Saturday. I haven't heard anything on our radio..just got back electricity last night after almost 28 hours without it. The wind knocked over an oak at the end of my block which in turn broke off the top of our electric pole which then became entangled in the electrical wires.
Melanie 05/10/10 10:59 am They've had problems with maintenence guys and Pale Male's nest a few years back. Lincoln got pictures of some yahoo spitting on them from the roof. He found out who the company was and reported them to whomever in NYC takes care of such things. Apparently some action was taken.
BETH-OH 05/10/10 12:21 pm I only see one chick this am in the Queens nest marty...Do you think the other one fledged?
Melanie 05/10/10 01:23 pm It's too early for the RTH chicks to have fledged - that doesn't happen until at least June.
martyc35 05/10/10 01:25 pm I looked a little while ago and could only see one, too, but they have a lot of room to hide off camera, I believe, so I wasn't worried. They have turned quite dark compared to the Manhattan chicks, but I'd be surprised if any have fledged yet. I'm no expert, though, so of course I could be wrong.
BETH-OH 05/10/10 02:01 pm I thought it was early Mel but then I was thinking
maybe the wind over the weekend took one out
of the nest?
Melanie 05/10/10 02:14 pm Hard to know without having someone on the ground but if it did get knocked out of the nest because of wind it shouldn't be feathered out enough to manage flight, however accidental. If it did hopefully it was found and brought to a rehabber if necessary. There are enough RTH-watchers out there now keeping a close eye on those nests that it is a possibility. Too sad about the Riverside nest -perhaps it can be picked up and relocated. It's happened before.
martyc35 05/10/10 02:31 pm Lincoln shows the Riverside Park parents trying to restore the nest, contemplating last year's nest site, and mating again, so they haven't given up. And they "think," too.
BETH-OH 05/10/10 06:07 pm I took a photo of both of the teenagers on the
nest on 5/6/10...I can't remember if I checked
in on the nest on Sat. tho. I tried to view the nest
every couple days.
Shelley 05/10/10 09:15 pm The guy (window washer), as well as the people who hired him and allowed him in to go upstairs, should all be charged and fined HEAVILY. I swear, people sometimes make me sick. Why is it that some people just feel compelled to do harm? I will never understand this... >:-(
martyc35 05/11/10 11:57 am I've been reading some recent accounts that claim that human beings did a fair amount of interbreeding with Neanderthals, way back when, but since I can't tell whose DNA I myself might have, I don't want to cast any aspersions:-). I think humans can be bad enough, all by themselves. Come to think of it, wasn't it a CNN news personality who lived in the apartment where Palemale and Lola had their nest and tried to have them removed because of the poop that fell on the street near their doorway? And Mary Tyler Moore defended the birds against the picky human newscaster, whose name was Paula Zahn, if I recall correctly. Ooh, NYC gossip!
Melanie 05/11/10 01:43 pm yup. Paula Zahn who is now working for Discovery Channel doing a crime series. I think it was her husband who was a real estate developer who spearheaded the nest removal while she came out in favor of the hawk. She has since dumped him. Sounds like a positive move to me.

Seems I also remember from the last interference that the woman whose window they perch above is not at all happy that they picked HER window and has long wanted them to go away.
martyc35 05/11/10 02:00 pm God. I wish they'd pick my window. Remember the pair of hawks at MIT? They had a nest on a ledge right outside an office window, a really precarious site. The employees cordoned off the window, set up a cam, and watched, fascinated, for at least two nesting seasons. I guess the hawks moved, because that cam is gone now. We should be so privileged.
Melanie 05/11/10 02:54 pm I just realized that the case could be made that since Pale Male's nest has failed yet again this year that the nest could be construed as "no longer active" and therefore there may not be a violation. Legally.

But not morally.

That sounds like one of the more sane things those MIT geeks have done. I remember the police cruiser that appeared on top of the dome overnight. Complete with a box of Dunkin' Donuts. Gotta love those guys.
Melanie 05/11/10 03:01 pm Here's some of their nonsense R2D2 is pretty good, too.
Shelley 05/11/10 07:13 pm Even if the eggs fail, as long as a pair of hawks are constructing a nest, laying eggs and are active ON the nest during the season, how is that not considered *active*? I still think all the stupid humans involved in this interference should be charged.
Melanie 05/11/10 07:39 pm Tending a nest does not constitute and active nest. First egg to last fledge is the rule - it has absolutely nothing to do with the adults doing any nest building or being on the nest. A couple of years ago Lola sat on those eggs through the beginning of June even though they were over 6 weeks overdue. And if the eggs are no longer viable especially since they should have hatched over a month ago then can be ruled no longer an active nest. As it has been explained to me by people who enforce the Migratory Bird Act down here thte way the law reads, at this point they could legally go in and take down the nest - if they don't mind the PR nightmare.

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