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Thread subject: Web Server Moved
Name Date Message
TomT 05/10/10 01:28 pm This web server has been moved to new hardware. I believe that everything is at it was on the old system, but please let me know if anyone finds anything that has changed. The new machine has enough disk space to put all of the remaining archive video clips and still online. The 2006 through 2009 files should be available once they have been indexed.
Nancy L 05/10/10 01:41 pm Thanks for the heads-up, Tom.
Celeste 05/10/10 02:32 pm As always, thank you!
cathleen 05/10/10 06:35 pm Wow, you migrated the whole thing without a hiccup to our message board? Thanks so much, Tom.

Soooo....what do you mean by indexing what "files" and how are they being indexed, and by who or what, if I may ask?
TomT 05/10/10 11:10 pm There was no apparent hiccup because the new server had been running for about three weeks. Around 12:45 I shutdown the web server, did a final quick synchronization of the files, dumped the database on the old machine and restored it on the new machine, changed the name of the new machine and the web server was back around 1:20. So there was about a 40 minute period when the site was unavailable.

The "indexing" is recording the start and end times of all of the 30 minute video clips taken over the seven seasons and storing them, along with the clip's file name in a database. The time and name of all of the still pictures are also entered into the database. The first three seasons were done back in November, but the 2006 through 2009 season files were just copied to the new server this past week. Unfortunately, the disk containing the files from the 2007 season failed during the copy, so not all of the files from that season will be available. I need to index the last four seasons. When the indexing is done, you will be able to enter a time and date from any of the seasons into a form on the Archive pages and the clip for that date and time will be displayed or the still pictures around that date and time will be displayed (if they exist). A program I wrote will do the indexing.
cathleen 05/11/10 12:04 am Tom, that's pretty there no off-the-shelf app for indexing video? How long does it take you to index the video and is the naming done manually by you? Do you load 24 hours at a time for your program to attach date/time, or can you do a larger batch?

Thank you for making this available. Some day I'd like to talk to you a bit about the database and indexing, without having to go through the board here. I think there is a wealth of information that can be discovered in all the footage collected at DPOF, and jointly enriched by shared indexing at finer and finer levels....
Pam 05/11/10 04:25 am Once again, thank you for all that hard work Tom. This is still my first port of call when I switch on my computer.
martyc35 05/11/10 11:48 am Me, too, and thank you, Tom. Your hard work is appreciated.
TomT 05/11/10 01:22 pm The "indexing" is not looking at the content of the videos, it is only noting start end end times and I get that from the file name and the time stamp of the file. My program essentially generates a huge directory listing and then pulls information about each entry and loads that information into a database. It takes a few hours per directory, but I just start it and let it run.

My goal is to make the video available for study and that is why I have a second copy of the disks that I am taking to the Cornell Lab of Ornithology next week.

Cathleen, if you want to talk about the database, just drop me a line and we can arrange something.
Melanie 05/11/10 02:58 pm I think I found a glitch. I went to modify a message and it tells me it can't connect to the database.
Pamela 05/17/10 04:09 pm Yes, Tom I had the same problem when I went to edit a previous post. It wouldn't accept the change as it could not connect.
WillT 05/17/10 04:38 pm Testing edit ability... edited

Works sometimes, not other times. Trying to track this down.

Temporary fix in place. This needs some work, though. In the meantime things should be working, however.

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