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Thread subject: Whoo, Whoo! Ospreys here in Eureka!
Name Date Message
martyc35 05/14/10 05:40 pm Damn. I knew if they were in Pt. Reyes, they must be here, too, and at last, two years after moving here, I have finally spotted them. It's only a short drive from my house to a little beach town between Humboldt Bay and the Pacific shore called Samoa. From the parking lot of the Samoa Cookhouse, a long established eatery and landmark, I could see a Papa Osprey on a nest they have built on a power pole right next to the bay. I needed binoculars to see him, though, so no pics, at least not yet. A handsome fellow he is, and there are a couple of other nests nearby, but I don't think they are occupied. My best chance to get photos will be to see them fishing, as I am not Terryo and cannot go kayaking out on the Bay to get a closer look. There are paved lots quite near the nests, but no access, and I think that is actually good, because if I can't drive in there, neither can any people who might scare them away. They have a perfect spot. If the fishing is not good in the bay, it's just a short hop over a few houses to the ocean beach. In fact, I should probably take a walk on that beach and watch for them there, too.

Yesterday, while scouting for osprey, I watched a whole flock of American Goldfinches in splendid yellow and black playing in mud puddles and fence hopping along some dairy pastures near the coast. I don't know the local history, but it was in an intriguing location called Cannibal Island Road.

Note: all six senators from CA, OR, and WA are sponsoring legislation to impose a permanent ban on offshore drilling along our coasts. Pray we win!

Excited Marty (company coming, so I may be off for a week or so--I'd prefer bird watching, but what the hell).
Pam 05/15/10 06:59 am I am excited for you Marty. Nice for you to sit there in the cookhouse and watch Ospreys !!!! Wish I could join you on the California coast...sigh !
Pam 05/15/10 07:04 am I would suggest you take your company on a short drive for a snack overlooking the sea..and oh wait...isn't that a big bird nest ??
Melanie 05/15/10 08:24 am Marty, I am thrilled for you!
martyc35 05/15/10 12:28 pm Thank you, friends. They are said to hang around into June, so I will be back out there, trying for pics, asap.
Anne UK1 05/18/10 03:02 am Oh lucky you :)

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