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Thread subject: Calling for egg check
Name Date Message
Pamela 05/16/10 05:03 pm Goodness, there seems to be an egg in the WHOI nest!
Anne UK1 05/16/10 05:26 pm Pamela, I just came on here to post the exact same thing! Any idea when it arrived? Surprise surprise
Pam 05/16/10 05:31 pm I checked a pic I took at 7.30am today...the egg doesn't appear to be on it and the Osprey is standing up in the nest, just the feet visible.
Mickey 05/16/10 05:37 pm nice catch Pamela. I checked in around 10am and there wasnt a egg. This should be fun to watch what happens. They are about 5 weeks behind yes? I wish they would tilt the cam up a tad.
cathleen 05/16/10 05:38 pm I saw also what I thought was an egg there this afternoon, but I thought I must be mistaken since the pair of talons there did not act to sit down or even curl toes around it. I then figured it just LOOKED like an egg but must not be one.
Anne UK1 05/16/10 05:39 pm Yes I looked in earlier and all I could see was feet! I wonder if they can zoom the cam out a bit.

No adult around at the minute which seems a bit strange.
cathleen 05/16/10 05:42 pm There is someone on the nest right now, the same one I have seen in past days this year. From the markings it also looks like an adult from years past...
Anne UK1 05/16/10 05:43 pm Yes, silly me - I was looking at my capture of the egg, not the cam! Pic
Celeste 05/16/10 05:44 pm I'm on the phone with Pam..All is well, I see an egg--Pam is happy!
Pamela 05/16/10 05:54 pm Thanks to each of you! I thought I might be hoping just a tad too hard and my imagination was really taking over, especially when not seeing feathers settling down to incubate.
It IS going to be interesting to watch :-))
Anne UK1 05/16/10 05:58 pm She seem determined not to sit on that egg. I keep thinking the cam's frozen but the wind's ruffling her feathers so it's running okay. She's standing like a statue. Pic
Mickey 05/16/10 06:49 pm come on it hasnt been that long ..........first eggs dont get sat on right away :)
Anne UK1 05/17/10 06:48 am Still no-one on it this morning. It was bedtime for me last night so I didn't watch after I'd last posted - did anyone see if it was left all evening?

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