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Thread subject: Woods Hole
Name Date Message
Tim P 05/17/10 06:42 am Is that an egg?
Anne UK1 05/17/10 06:46 am Yes Tim. Looks a bit lost and abandoned though? Pic
Tim P 05/17/10 07:01 am oops! didnt notice the previous thread,,,, it must be monday. ;)
Melanie 05/17/10 02:29 pm Boy, is it ever Monday! I'm with ya' there.

Yesterday I saw an osprey sitting on the rim of the nest in the late afternoon. Has anyone seen an adult today at all? I know it's not uncommon for them to start incubating right away, but we've passed the 24 hour mark and I would feel a whole lot better if someone was at least home. I'm getting nervous.
Lori 05/17/10 02:37 pm I haven't :(
Celeste 05/17/10 02:56 pm It is very unsettling to not see any brooding...nest is empty at the time of this post.
Pamela 05/17/10 03:54 pm There has been a bird in the nest for the last twenty minutes. As the nest cup is difficult to see, I don't have any idea how large it is, but it looked as though the occupant was trying fluff up the base.
Pamela 05/17/10 04:08 pm (Cont. from last post)
The bird did hover over the egg briefly, but definitely had no contact with it. The behavior seems to be rather odd as the talons were evident in one scene, yet withdrawn later. It acts like an immature bird wondering just what to do next.
Melanie 05/17/10 04:57 pm Looks like someone has figured it out and has settled down. Or maybe not. Now they are up again. Damn!
jazzel26 05/17/10 07:19 pm My questions about this nest have been answered, to date. I'm sure Rob Bierregaard needs no introduction, and is respected by everyone on this Message Board. My questions to Rob and his answers.

I'm wondering if you can explain or offer some insight to the situation at the WHOI Osprey Cam Nest?

I'll try!

The male did not return this season, the female did 3/28, right on time.   She chose a new mate, but there have been a lot of intruder issues and a new single osprey building a nest 500 yds. from the cam nest.  Things finally settled down, the first week in May, and her new male did some serious nest building.

She laid an egg yesterday at 1:30, but neither bird has started incubation.  They both guard the egg, she sometimes stands over it and rolls it, but nothing more. Is this common behavior toward a late season egg?

Typical of lots of 1st eggs. The female wants the 1st 2 eggs to hatch the same day, so she'll wait to incubate until she lays the 2nd egg. Then she'll start incubating. The 3rd egg will come along a couple of days later and begin development as soon as it's laid (because the female will start incubating it right away.

The air temperature yesterday afternoon was 63f and this morning it was 44f.  How long can an egg stay viable under these conditions?

Eggs can go in the fridge for a month before being incubated and will be fine. Because she hasn't started incubating, there's no danger of damage to the eggs.

If they do have chicks this late, how will it impact their migration?

They might be not as strong as young birds that fledged earlier. We've had young fledge on MVY on August 23rd (or thereabouts).  But then they may just take a slightly later start. Remember, we've had 2 birds not migrate until early November.
Pamela 05/17/10 07:26 pm Jazzel, thanks for posting Rob's answers. It will definitely be an interesting nest to check periodically :)
Anne UK1 05/18/10 02:56 am Thanks Jazzel. That sounds better than I'd thought - fingers crossed we see her sitting on eggs soon.

Do you know if the cam can zoom out a bit so that we'll be able to see a bit more?
Celeste 05/18/10 04:59 am Well there's something new I learned about osprey eggs in particular not needing incubation immediately!

At the DPOF nest we learned that incubated eggs could be left unattended for great lengths of time. Several years ago there was violent fighting going on and for a couple of days Dennis was off camera and we thought the worst. We would watch Betty being attacked and leaving the nest for great lengths of time exposing the eggs to cold and wet weather. Many of us worried about the fate of the eggs. We ultimately did have a successful nest, and were delighted to learn that incubated eggs could be left unattended for a long time under such conditions.

Thanks Jazzel!
Melanie 05/18/10 09:42 am This morning I'm seeing feet and it appears the egg has been cozied in some dried grasses.
Celeste 05/18/10 01:20 pm I'm a bit puzzled about an osprey waiting to start brooding. (waiting for a 2nd egg to increase survival). So many osprey info sites state that the female starts to brood as soon as the first egg is laid. Even Poole in discussing brooding, states that food supplies, weather, determines whether or not more than one hatched osprey will survive..and that the oldest chick has the advantage.(the ole survival of the fittest) Having observed osprey nest via the computer from 2003 till last year from beginning to end, not once did I ever see an osprey "wait to brood". Of course, I am definitely NOT an expert, and I am very curious as to know whether or not this is new info. I am aware that there are species of birds who wait for the 2nd egg to begin brooding, but so far in rechecking sources, I have not been able to see anything about an osprey waiting. And, many older female osprey do not lay as many eggs as they did in the past, and in fact may just lay they know they are going to brood one egg? So much to learn isn't there?!
Anne UK1 05/18/10 04:24 pm First chance I've had to look in today - it looks as if it's raining there, or has been. That nest seems to get higher and higher, just a tiny corner of the nest bowl visible now. Has anyone managed to catch any glimpses of activity since Melanie's post this morning?

terryo 05/18/10 07:51 pm The only reference I can find so far is a statement that reads "incubation often begins with first egg but sometimes sporadic until second is laid." That statement wasn't explained any further.
Melanie 05/18/10 11:23 pm I checked in on WHOI several times this afternoon and saw no evidence of an adult even on the nest let alone brooding.
Pam 05/19/10 09:31 am I just looked in in time to see an Osprey's feet arrive, treading carefully around the eggs. The bird has now settled on to the egg to it's looking good.
Anne UK1 05/19/10 09:34 am Pam you beat me to it every time! I just looked in and saw she was brooding too :)))) Pic

She stood up briefly - it looks like just the one egg still?

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