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Thread subject: Woods Hole is on the egg!
Name Date Message
Melanie 05/19/10 09:32 am OK - this is the third time I have modified this post. Iwas about to write there was still no osprey on the nest when avery wet bird made an appearance. Just feet, didn't snug down and now it's gone. But now it's back and snugged down on the egg. And now she's up again. Andnow she's back down on the egg again. Make up you mind, will you?!!!!.

There are a couple of really randy common sparrows although who managed about 20 tilts in less than a minute. He finally took a quick breather for all of 10 seconds but when he returned for round 21 the female gave him a quick peck to the breast and he jumped back. Persistent little bugger that he is returned for another go round and she disappeared into the nest. I guess she's had enough.
Melanie 05/19/10 09:40 am Well, there was just some kind of a disturbance on the nest - a flurry wings and tailfeathers. From what I can tell it was another osprey, but she's back up on her feet and watching.
Anne UK1 05/19/10 09:46 am I didn't see the disturbance, just caught her standing on the rim again Pic

She's settled down again now. It's looking more promising today anyway.
Pamela 05/19/10 10:28 am Yes Melanie, I saw her nestled on the egg at 8:45 this morning, leave and come back. Makes you wonder what is going through her Osprey mind as she is so unsettled.
Darren01 05/19/10 11:00 am Not sure whats going on with this nest, but could another male took over as the previous male was a new one (according to the blog) whoever is on the nest at the moment is paying zero attention to the egg, in actual fact he/she is standing all over it....
Pam 05/19/10 11:52 am Makes me smile to see Americans using that little word b----r so freely. In UK it is regarded as quite a strong swear word and we won't go into the meaning here :-)) Excuse this off-topic .....
Melanie 05/19/10 01:42 pm You mean like merde? (yeah, I went there) ;-p
Melanie 05/19/10 02:21 pm We're still brooding!
cathleen 05/19/10 02:44 pm I see another egg too - very white!!! Yay!
And, Melanie, I don't think it is like "merde" but maybe one who fools around where "merde" comes from... :-/
cathleen 05/19/10 02:55 pm YOW, I see a pair of talons stepping squarely on the egg.
Mickey 05/19/10 05:06 pm Jeff said "we weâre in and out in less than 20 minutes â one swoop from Dad but that was about it! Mom showed up about 10 minutes after we were done, kicked around some material and settled right down on them; to a huge sigh of relief from us all."
Anne UK1 05/19/10 05:29 pm Mickey - is this someone telling us about moving the cam? They've done a great job - now it looks like Woods Hole :)

(I thought at first you were quoting from a film - thought the script fitted a bit well. It's a bit late at night here for my old brain.)
Mickey 05/21/10 03:23 pm its ok AnneUK :) Jeff is the person you get if you email WHOI.
Anne UK1 05/22/10 05:38 pm Thanks Mickey :)

It's a great cam this year. I think I've been so tied up in wondering what the birds are up to I've only just realised how good it is. It'll be such a shame if the the nest fails. The best laid plans ...

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