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Thread subject: WHOI - NEW FABULOUS VIEW!!!!!!!!
Name Date Message
Melanie 05/19/10 04:35 pm 'nuf said.
Anne UK1 05/19/10 05:24 pm Just looked in - fabulous indeed! Great stuff. And two eggs. Now we just need her to sit on them! Pic

I'll miss those sparrows though ;)
Kathy 05/19/10 05:49 pm Terrific view!
But at 6:15 both eggs are unattended...6:18 there was a fish delivery. My computer froze so I don't know what happened to the fish but someone is on the perch.
6:33 Male on perch eating his fish and female is brooding.
Celeste 05/20/10 06:09 am Well Miss Osprey seems to be a bit bored regarding brooding, and is standing looking and walking around the nest. The two eggs have some seaweed on them and they are on the other side of where she is standing. She's adjusting the seaweed, but still standing distracted by the scenery. Please brood!
Anne UK1 05/20/10 08:36 am It's not looking too promising is it Celeste? :( Seems like he fishes and broods, she fiddles with nest material and eats. Pics
Anne UK1 05/20/10 08:42 am I didn't notice your post Kathy - I'd assumed it was the female on the perch? My cam froze too, so I didn't see the handover either.
Kathy 05/20/10 11:08 am Hi Anne, it probably was the female because I saw a light colored necklace. Then when I saw both together, it confused me more...they both have necklaces. I just looked in and it's a good sign, the male is perching, looking around and the female is brooding. :-)
Anne UK1 05/20/10 12:17 pm I saw that scene earlier too, but couldn't tell which was which. I just hoped it might be the female doing what she's supposed to.

Looking in now, we're back to one on the perch and the eggs sitting in the sunshine. I guess it's just a case of wait and see with this nest. Pic
Lori 05/20/10 01:45 pm Wow! That is quite a change! :) But she's just sitting on the perch staring at those eggs. I think maybe she wants them to hatch on their own. Either that or she has never seen eggs before & wonders what to do with them.......
Melanie 05/20/10 01:49 pm Or she's looking at them thinking 35 days on those things? Not this girl!
Kathy 05/20/10 01:54 pm She must have read your message Mel...she's gone!
Melanie 05/20/10 03:04 pm Maybe she read Horton Hatches the Egg and she's looking for an elephant. I meant what I said and I said what I meant. An elephant's faithful 100%.
Anne UK1 05/20/10 03:09 pm Some brooding going on now. Pic

I'm wondering if it's the male who spends so much time on the perch and the female who does the disappearing act? I'd had it the other way around up until now, but I'm really not sure any more.

Can anyone tell which is which?
Is the male darker?
Celeste 05/20/10 04:51 pm Goodness Gracious! Two eggs all alone, with "MOM"? on the perch looking around and about! There is a faint necklace that I can see when the wind subsides....who ever or which ever, PLEASE SIT DOWN and BROOD! Oh, oh, I'm talking to a cam!
Madeline 05/20/10 06:28 pm Just looking in now, and no brooding going on, but female? on the perch looking around.
Pamela 05/20/10 07:41 pm Do wish we had last year's captures to compare them to the puzzled couple inhabiting the nest this year. What in the world is going on? The behavior of the female is so unlike the female of previous years, yet some think it's the same one. Perhaps the appearance of a new partner or late eggs may be the reason for the behavioral changes.
One of the pair (I originally thought the female) has been on the perch for ages and looks as if his/her feet have fallen asleep while another has appeared and is now on the eggs. It's just going to be an interesting waiting game watching Trump Tower this season.
Celeste 05/21/10 05:44 am Well, another this point in time, the only activity in the nest is a sparrow taking a peek from the top edge of the nest at the "all alone" two eggs!
Celeste 05/21/10 06:05 am Well it seems that the female is back on the perch, and by the movement of her beak, is chirping for breakfast. There seems to be a "disconnect" in those maternal instincts. She knows somewhat to stick by the nest, but it isn't clicking to brood those eggs! A "first" for me!
cathleen 05/21/10 07:37 am The one on the perch now looks to me like the male of past years. Same one that was on the perch yesterday afternoon when I looked in.
Kathy 05/21/10 11:12 am She's brooding now...maybe she's finally learning this is what I should be doing.
Celeste 05/22/10 06:23 am I never seem to catch anyone brooding. At this moment, osprey back to cam enjoying the scenery with eggs in full view.

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