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Thread subject: Molly the barn owl's babies: 3 of 4 have fledged!
Name Date Message
Shelley 05/22/10 09:53 am Check out these stunning still captures!!

gallery of photos

And also in California, finally, finally, Phoebe the beautiful hummingbird, has 2 healthy chicks who are growing by leaps and bounds:

Phoebe's hummer chicks

So gratifying to see!
martyc35 05/22/10 11:49 am great pics, and thanks,
BETH-OH 05/22/10 04:55 pm Wow, thanks Shelley. With so many nests
I have neglected *Molly/kids and *Phoebe/kids ...
Anne UK1 05/22/10 05:19 pm What fantastic photos of those owlets. I've seen flashes going off when I've looked in at night time - it amazes me the birds don't seem bothered by it.

The hummers look so healthy don't they - it's the first successful brood I've seen and now I realise how weakly Sassie was, poor thing. Shelley, do you know if this is the original Phoebe? I thought I saw them say early on it was a new one, but I haven't caught any conversation about it since so maybe not?
Shelley 05/22/10 07:26 pm Anne, I don't know and don't think anyone can really know, if this is the same Phoebe. I also saw some reference to this but nothing since. I guess it doesn't much matter, as long as someone is using the nests, and producing healthy chicks!

And I too, was thinking about Sassy the other day, and how weak she was always. These 2 will fledge for sure. They are growing every time I peek in!
Anne UK1 05/23/10 04:11 pm Thanks Shelley. I think they said the breast pattern on this one was different from the original Phoebe.

I'm enjoying watching no matter who the female is, but it would be nice to know if it's still the original. She's been there for so many years.
Shelley 05/23/10 06:47 pm I think I remember some discussion that perhaps the original Phoebe was just past her prime egg-laying years and maybe that was why her last few clutches weren't successful. However, if she isn't dead, if she is still around, I can't imagine another hummer would just easily move right into her *condo* full of nests...We'll never know, of course, but like you, I am just delighted to watch these 2 healthy chicks

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