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Thread subject: "My" ospreys in Samoa, California...
Name Date Message
martyc35 05/22/10 11:44 am Of course they are not "my" ospreys, but yesterday I felt like they were, after watching so many cams and videos worldwide, to finally see them in action up close, and personal, was sooooo satisfying. I will have pics in a couple of weeks, after my new sister-in-law gets home and can post them. We saw them on their nest by the Samoa Cookhouse, and then we stood almost directly beneath a big papa who was fishing over a small lagoon by the Samoa Boat Dock. He hovered, beautifully, so close by, that Ann was able to get quite a few beautiful shots with her lovely zoom lens. (I'm still learning how to use my new camera, so we will have her shots first, and then, later, I'm going to try for some of my own now that I know where to go.) Thank god, my brother and his new bride are birders, too.

Other birds we saw up close: several brown pelicans diving and fishing, also trying to take a fish away from a common merganser. Grebes, brant geese, cormorants, and a stunning white-tailed kite hunting for voles over the grassy fields. We saw a hawk of some kind, too, but couldn't get a close enough look to id him. Oh, also a raven and turkey vultures. And, of course, European starlings. We actually saw a mom starling feeding her babies in a nest on the Samoa Cookhouse. All in all, this was the best day I've had so far in Eureka. Who knew I'd have to wait for a visit from my little brother (now 71 yrs old) to make it happen? Well, it"s raining again this morning, but I will be going back out to see the ospreys again, you can bet.
Pam 05/22/10 03:23 pm That's what I call a good day out Marty. Really pleased for you. Had to look up White-tailed Kites, we don't have them here. We have Red Kites which are very much bigger, quite different in fact. We learn something new every day it seems. Look forward to your photos very much.
martyc35 05/22/10 03:40 pm Thanks, Pam. We are lucky to have the white-tailed kites up here in California, as that's the only place they hang out in the US. All the others are in Central and South America. I did see them near Petaluma when I lived in Santa Rosa, and they are in Marin County, and other spots furter south on the CA coast. Gorgeous birds, and I'll try for pics with them as well. My brother said the only other place he's seen them was in Costa Rica! They have bright red eyes, the better to see you with:-).
Anne UK1 05/22/10 05:16 pm And you've all the summer to come Marty! :) Looking forward to seeing the photos.
Melanie 05/22/10 06:49 pm Of course they are YOUR ospreys, Marty. And we'll set anyone straight who tries to say otherwise!
Celeste 05/23/10 04:54 am WE are, after all, Featherheads!

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