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Thread subject: Woods Hole
Name Date Message
BETH-OH 05/22/10 05:03 pm From Jazzel...Does anyone else think we have 3 eggs now?
Mare 05/22/10 05:13 pm For sure there is!
Anne UK1 05/22/10 05:14 pm Looks that way. Still no sign of serious brooding though :( Pic

Oh this looks better. At last! :)
Anne UK1 05/22/10 06:12 pm And one more - of the whole family together for a change. I thought it might be useful for id too - it's a reasonable shot of their front head markings. Pic
Pamela 05/22/10 07:40 pm Unusual nest. . .the current bird brooding brought a fish to the "guard" who was standing on the perch, trying to cover the eggs and generally looking useless. It's still difficult to determine the male and female.
Anne UK1 05/23/10 06:28 am Looked in just now, could only see one egg but the others might be buried. All three are now as some fresh green leaves were brought in and dropped in the nest bowl.

There was a mating while I was watching, not sure if this shot helps with id or not. My guess is that the one who sits on the perch all the time is the female - the bird on top here seems to have the blurrier marking on his forehead? Very difficult to tell though - Photo

The green leaves were brought in by the bird who is playing the female role in that pic by the way. She was busy moving the dried grass around as well, but didn't show any inclination to sit on the eggs.
BETH-OH 05/23/10 09:13 am I don't see any eggs in the nest this am??
Mare 05/23/10 10:23 am I think they buried them
Anne UK1 05/23/10 11:18 am Yes, I think they did Mare. There was one visible early this morning, but not now. Maybe there's a method in the female's madness ...

I took a short sequence of photos over the course of half an hour early today - can't say I'm any the wiser on what's going on - here
Kathy 05/23/10 11:47 am These two are a strange pair...neither knows what to do...but someone brought back a blue rope.
cathleen 05/23/10 04:38 pm Good photo, Anne UK - I am convinced what you say is true. I had thought the one sitting on the perch with the dot on its head was the male, but here it clearly shows it has been the female who has been reluctant to brood. The male's head clearly matches the other bird I had seen more rarely on the nest...odd.
Anne UK1 05/23/10 04:51 pm Thanks Cathleen - in that case, here we go again. She's been on that perch the whole time I've been watching (40 minutes or so), then in he comes and does what she's supposed to be doing.


What puzzles me most is they seem to think this is the usual female. I'd understand it more if it was a young bird, first timer. Unless she knows the eggs have arrived too late and she's just training the male up for next year? Baffling.

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