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Thread subject: WHOI is brooding
Name Date Message
Melanie 05/25/10 10:46 am and pops is standing watch
Kathy 05/25/10 11:10 am I think they got it!?
Anne UK1 05/25/10 11:40 am Yay! Great news, thanks Melanie. I'd decided not to look in any more as it was frustrating me so much seeing her on that perch.

Fingers crossed she really has got it at last :)
Melanie 05/25/10 12:13 pm Well, I HAD to wake the baby. Now she's off but am pretty sure I'm seeing three eggs - one clearly and two buried.
Lori 05/25/10 12:19 pm I checked late yesterday & she was brooding than too! I think she's warming up to the idea :)
Celeste 05/25/10 02:52 pm Well look at that..she is brooding!
Melanie 05/25/10 04:53 pm Not now. And pops is up there just looking around.
Anne UK1 05/25/10 05:35 pm Just looked in now and I think it's him taking a shift while she eats a fish on the perch. Just my luck.

Good to hear she's getting it together at last, though I can't think any of those eggs will hatch? Maybe just as well as they would be very late.
Kathy 05/25/10 06:54 pm Spoke to soon on them getting it...3 eggs are exposed and someone on the perch hanging out looking around.
Celeste 05/25/10 06:57 pm The first words that come to my mind are "oh for crying out loud".....maybe it's best if I don't look!
Mickey 05/25/10 07:56 pm everyone posting on this thread are seasoned cam observers. After watching for so many years here, do you think this Whoi female is a first timer or the female from last year?
Celeste 05/25/10 09:00 pm I think she is a first timer.
Melanie 05/25/10 10:01 pm I'm in the first timer camp - the original pair that we watched for the past few years were much too experienced. They knew what they were doing and always got right down to business. These guys need to have the avian child protective services brought in!
Pamela 05/25/10 10:28 pm I agree with Mickey, Melanie and Celeste that "Wilma" is a first timer. "Will" on the other hand seems slightly more experienced. It's amazing to think that Wilma migrated safely to the area. She seems so dependent and vague.
Kathy 05/25/10 11:10 pm I go with first timer also.
Anne UK1 05/26/10 03:03 am I'd go for first timer too. If she is experienced then the only explanation I can think of is that she doesn't want these eggs to hatch for some reason (i.e. she thinks it's too late in the season, or he's not a good provider).

I don't think I've ever seen a female ignore eggs in the past. Even eggs that are clearly way past their due date and are never going to hatch still get incubated.

Got to agree with Pamela - you do wonder just how this female has survived and migrated successfully. But how amazing that the three eggs have found their way to the surface again - I thought they were well buried and probably broken.

It's a strange old nest this one.
Celeste 05/26/10 05:18 am Really Strange. Nest is completely empty now. No osprey at all. At this point, I don't think if by any miracle an egg should hatch that it would be a good thing. Unless a big time instinct button clicked in, I'm afraid a chick would just starve.
Anne UK1 05/26/10 08:38 am Both in residence at the minute - in their usual positions of course. They seemed to be warning off an intruder for a while, both chirping and looking up at the sky.

Settled down again now. But she does make me laugh - she looks at him sometimes as if he's absolutely barmy. "Is he nuts?"
Pam 05/26/10 10:04 am One is brooding now and one sitting on the perch. The one brooding has the head feathers which always look to me like a Vogue model in a flared dress, the kind of 50's look - New Look.
Anne UK1 05/26/10 05:47 pm That sounds like the male. I've just looked in now and guess who's brooding while someone else sits on the perch with fish in talon.

Does anyone else think the fish he brings in are quite small?

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