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Thread subject: I saw a So. Cal Juvenile today
Name Date Message
Trishrg 05/30/10 08:35 pm I went walking at Bolsa Chica Wetlands this morning.
I went looking for the coyote I saw yesterday. I found it.
I also saw a really cool bull snake and lots of other stuff.
But of course, my biggest thrill was a juvenile osprey landing right above me along the trail. I was so jazzed! I have no idea where it came from, there are no known nests nearby... or at least not known by me.

Check out my slideshow...

Pam 05/31/10 04:42 am Beautiful Trish! What a lovely place for a walk, so much wildlife, from little to large. Never heard of Sea hares before will have to look those up. Seems like you may have a long-billed curlew in there too. Fantastic variety of wildlife and I bet you go there again to check on the Osprey. Thanks for sharing with us.
Anne UK1 05/31/10 05:55 am Great photos Trish. Like Pam, I'm envious of you having such a great place to walk and view wildlife.
Trishrg 05/31/10 09:49 am I'm going back right now.... and a sea hare is a sea slug.
I just learned the name myself, so I just was dying to use it, LOL!
They ink you if you try to handle them. I remember that from about 25 years ago when I lived in Santa Barbara for about a minute.
Trishrg 05/31/10 09:52 am Someone else posted on a local birding blog, which included a great picture, that bird is banded on both legs.

If it doesn't open right, on the top left is view-click on medium
Nancy L 05/31/10 11:41 am Thanks for those photos, Trish. You KNOW there's an osprey nest nearby somewhere!
martyc35 05/31/10 01:19 pm I love the defiant little coyote, posing in front of the Keep Out sign, and of course, all your other pics, especially the osprey, who may be imprinting some good spots nearby for a later return, who knows? Yes, I think you have a long-billed curlew, there. Thanks for sharing your West Coast pleasures, Trish.
Anne UK1 05/31/10 06:29 pm I couldn't open the photo from your birding blog Trish. Interesting that the bird's banded - any chance of anyone being able to read the numbers? I bet you'd love to know where he's from.
Trishrg 05/31/10 09:35 pm Anne~ Unless the photographer got better pix, you can't tell from the one he posted, and definitely not from mine.
Considering I have a little pocket digital 6Mp cam, it's not so good for little details.
I will have to wait and see if anyone else posts about it on the blog page.
Celeste 06/01/10 04:46 am Great Photos..Trish. definitely a "defiant" coyote!:)
Anne UK1 06/01/10 05:22 am I guessed that would be the case Trish. A shame - it would be great if you could tell which nest he came from.

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