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Thread subject: Lily Bear & Cub
Name Date Message
Anne UK1 05/31/10 05:59 am I don't know if anyone's been following these two. It had been a great story up until recently when the pair got separated for five days.

They were re-united thanks to the great endeavours of the folk who run the organisation but there were real concerns for little Hope as she'd not eaten for so long and Lily's milk seemed to have dried up.

Much better news today :) Sometimes 'man' has his uses. For anyone interested, all the articles are here
Shelley 05/31/10 06:08 am Oh! I stopped watching once they left the den. I thought the cam was turned off, and hadn't realized that the site was still up and running! Are they microchipped, is that how they are tracking them, Anne? I am eating breakfast now then going to work so won't have time to read any of the articles till I get home tonight.
Anne UK1 05/31/10 06:34 am Yes, Shelley. Lily and some other adults have GPS collars. Hope's not tagged (presumably because she's got so much growing to do yet) so it was a case of hunting for her when she got lost and luckily she was spotted, though she wasn't keen to be caught.

I didn't know anything about bears before someone posted the link to the den cam on here. I feel I've learnt so much from reading that site (though there's obviously tons more to learn). And my perception of bears has turned round completely. They do amazing work at that organisation.

There's news and photos almost every day by the way. Plus videos posted on you tube.

Celeste 05/31/10 07:09 am I thought the same as Shelley. In a way I'm glad that I know the good news now and missed the "worrying" part. They had a special on bears here a couple of months ago and mentioned her. Thanks for the update Anne. Oh and yes, after this bear special there were many surprising things I learned also about bears. There is a lot of controversy about bears in our Suburbs, and some of this knowledge would be very helpful to the people who just want them shot and/or removed.
Celeste 05/31/10 07:13 am I just found the part about the reuniting of mom and cub.

Bear cub Hope reunited with mom Lily
By Hart Van Denburg, Thursday, May. 27 2010 @ 8:28AM

Coaxing Hope out of the tree
​Dragged down from a fir tree by the scruff of her neck, Hope the Internet sensation bear cub was rescued Wednesday evening and reunited with her mother, Lily, by wildlife biologists who thought earlier in the week she might have died.

The cub, whose birth was witnessed all over the world via live online video in January, had wandered into the woods away from her mother on Friday at the North American Bear Center in Ely.

Those woods are a big place for a little lost cub too small for a radio collar. Researchers even tried finding her with the help of a heat-seeking camera provided by the St. Louis County Rescue Squad.

In the end it was a friend, not fancy technology, who found the cub. Mike Kochevar was out for an evening drive when he spotted a cub hunkered down in a tree about two miles from the bear center. He called in the center's founder, researcher Lynn Rogers.

Hope was found. Mother and cub were reunited.

"It was the most gratifying moment of my 46 years of research," Rogers told the Duluth News Tribune. "When they saw and heard each other, the vocalizations were unbelievable. You could tell she was saying, 'I want you back, little cub.' "
Carla 05/31/10 10:36 am Thanks for that easy link to keep up with Lily and Hope, Anne. I check You Tube now and then but this will be much easier. Celeste, I know what you mean; I checked in right after they found Hope and was so glad I had not checked for several days. Love the article you posted. Nature at it's best.
martyc35 05/31/10 01:20 pm A lovely conclusion to a frightening story, and thanks for posting this.
Anne UK1 05/31/10 05:30 pm I only look in every few days so luckily I missed the drama too, and I have to say I'm not in the least bit sorry about that. It must have been such a worrying time for all involved - thankfully it looks as if there will be a happy ending.

cathy 06/02/10 06:32 am Unfortunately, Hope is gone again.
Celeste 06/02/10 08:39 am Here's the update from yesterday.......


June 1, 2010 – 10:00 PM CDT

We don’t understand it. We’re all learning together.

It’s 9:15 PM, and we just finished searching around each of the three trees Lily and Hope used yesterday and the places they spent most of their spring. Sue searched most of these places this morning, too. We are desperate to find Hope. She is wet from the rain. Her skinny muscles cannot make much heat, and the temperature is dropping—now 52. Temperatures were in the 70’s when she was lost before. If she makes it through this night, she will be very weak tomorrow. We’ll keep looking. We haven't given up.

We’re trying to understand the minds of these bears. And we’re wondering how much of this is truly unusual and how much is due to our methods revealing more than we could see before.

In the earlier crisis (May 21), was it abnormal for Lily to be away 2 days before returning to where she left Hope, or was it abnormal for Hope to have left the tree where Lily safely left her? Lily still had milk when she returned to look for Hope on May 23, but Hope was gone.

Why did Lily leave for 2 days that time? Is she a bear that reacts more strongly to other bears being around? Is that why she remained in such small areas near secure refuge trees this spring, often spending entire days in areas less than 50 yards diameter?

In her earlier departure from Hope, it is likely a bear prompted her movement. Last night, it certainly was a bear that prompted her movement. Sue was there and saw it. Hope scampered high into a tree as an intruding bear approached. Although the intruding bear (June, Lily’s mother) was non-threatening—even friendly—from her sounds, Lily was scared. She huffed and moved a mile away.

That in itself was not abandoning Hope. Black bear mothers typically flee from danger, leaving their cubs to climb trees to safety. A difference between black bears and some other bears is that black bear cubs run to trees for safety while other bear cubs run away or to their mothers for safety.

This morning, after finding Hope missing, Sue visited Lily to assess her demeanor and look for any possible injuries. Lily was scared, unusually attentive to unidentified sounds. She was easily startled and frequently started up trees. Lily ignored Sue, of course. Sue is a trusted part of the woodwork. Was Lily worried that June was still around? June had followed Lily when Lily left Hope and the data suggest that they had another encounter this morning at Lily’s bed site a mile from Hope. June then moved nearly a mile southeast, leaving Lily nervous and skittish.

Why did Lily then move a mile north instead of returning east to Hope? Does her lack of milk reduce her urgency to return to Hope? When Lily is with Hope, she nurses her, plays with her, and keeps an eye out for her. Lily seems to truly enjoy Hope.

This past 24 hours is difficult to explain. We are at a loss.

We’re documenting Lily’s and Hope’s behavior. In the future, we’ll obtain detailed comparative data from other mothers with cubs and share that. We’re all learning together.

Thank you for the many ways you are helping with food for Hope, debt reduction, etc. The nuts you sent earlier were a godsend through the earlier crisis and as a distraction for Lily while we were recently feeding Hope.
Anne UK1 06/02/10 06:37 pm Oh poor little Hope. I can't understand how this has happened again. As they say, they've no idea if it's a common occurrence but it's hard to imagine it is.

I wonder if they'll think about tagging her if they do manage to find her this time - they could be in for a long summer of worry if there's no way of keeping track of her. Fingers crossed she turns up soon, she's too little to be alone.

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