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Thread subject: chick "rescue" at KEEP
Name Date Message
SamiS 06/03/10 03:50 pm Hi

There is a live feed of the rescue of one chick that was entangled in string/rope.

All three are being examined and (I think) banded.
Melanie 06/03/10 04:05 pm Cam says "down for maintenance"
SamiS 06/03/10 04:07 pm Hi Melanie

I am currently watching the live feed...

maybe I can do so because I happened to be watching it just before the "rescue"

or try using this link:
and click on KEEP
SamiS 06/03/10 04:09 pm just checked and it is still live
cathleen 06/03/10 04:10 pm I can't get it either... :(
SamiS 06/03/10 04:14 pm try using that link I provided
instead of going to
terryo 06/03/10 04:51 pm Tks for link Sami, I'm getting it live also.
martyc35 06/03/10 05:50 pm ALL THREE CHICKS snoozing safely right now. My link still works from their website.
Pamela 06/03/10 06:05 pm It must have been interesting to watch Sami, after all that worrying.
Great shot Marty. . .ah, I'm all for happy endings!
Celeste 06/03/10 06:30 pm Whew!:-)
cathleen 06/03/10 06:59 pm It is now working direct from the site for me - thanks, Sami!
SamiS 06/05/10 04:16 am Hi Martyc35...thanks for the screenshot!
I had to leave for work, so I didn't quite finish the live feed.

Here is what Ed Ray described:
"....The largest chick had fishing line around its middle toe, right food, when removed there was an indention in the skin like a ring on too tight but no break in the skin. The second largest chick had just started to get tangled. C3 was in good condition with a full crop but just small, probably a male with two big sisters an d of course younger. C1 and C2 were banded but C3 was too small to band...."
Anne UK1 06/06/10 05:44 pm I'm relieved to hear they intervened. Had they spotted there was a problem, or was it thanks to your email Sami? It sounds as if they acted not a moment too soon, that's for sure.

These birds get themselves in some pickles. The lucky few are watched over and helped.
SamiS 06/07/10 08:02 am Hi Anne
I first contacted Ed Ray on June 1 and his response was
"no we have had no other reports on this subject. If the chicks become tangled this could be very serious. Our system saves an image about every 12-15 seconds so we can review images for this problem....Thank you for your message; we will check and watch for the problem..."

He confirmed in an update email on June 2 that C1 is definitely tangled. He sent an attachment (sent by a nest watcheer from Cape May) confirming C1 pulling against a string/whatever. Scheduled a bucket truck for Fri at 10am (EST).

Revised rescue to June 3 (230pm EST), resulting in success!!

Sounds like I was first to sound the alarm. In desperation, emailed Lisa (blackwater) asking if she knew how I could get in contact with the webmaster. She was very helpful and I was able to get one off on the 1st. I believe Jazzel26 (bird cam forum) picked up the alert and got involved, too. Teamwork!
I'm just happy that the chicks are now AOK---yay!!!!

Melanie 06/07/10 09:07 am You get a gold star!
SamiS 06/07/10 04:17 pm Thanks Melanie for your compliment. I think Jazzel26 deserves a double gold star!

I really think all of us who observe various nests throughout the world deserve gold stars :-) It's our keen observations, sharing and teamwork on websites like this one that bring one word to my mind...awesome!
Anne UK1 06/07/10 05:48 pm Gold stars all round, most definitely. Thank goodness you kept trying to find a way to get the message through, and thank goodness for the teamwork that followed. Those are three very lucky little chicks :)

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