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Thread subject: Lincoln asks NYC mayor to help in Gulf
Name Date Message
martyc35 06/04/10 03:04 pm He has posted this letter, requesting that NYC cancel its 4th of July fireworks and send the money instead to help in the Gulf oil disaster. Have you all noticed that Palemale and Lola seem to be building a new nest on the Beresford? I think Lincoln has documented their efforts, but he isn't saying anything yet, for fear of jinxing the whole effort. Have you ever seen a couple more determined to survive?
Melanie 06/04/10 03:49 pm Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute stands at the ready as well. the problem is BP is intent on single handedly doing this completely on their terms.
DaisyG 06/04/10 05:34 pm Yes Marty, every year since I have been following PM and Lola, the Beresford has always been the site of their 'frustration' nest.
Shelley 06/04/10 09:59 pm Are you saying that they screwed up by themselves and now they want to *fix it* by themselves? They are not accepting assistance from outside? Are they as nuts as that sounds? Does anyone at all buy this load of doodoo? Why on earth would ANYONE even allow them to utter such nonsense?

Melanie 06/05/10 12:05 am Shelly, that's it in a nutshell. Why is it allowed? Probably because just about every elected official has accepted a lot of campaign money from the oil companies and ultimately you don't bite the hand that feeds you.
Celeste 06/05/10 04:06 am Amen.
Shelley 06/05/10 07:21 am Well, if it were up to me, I'd put the BP guys, and *every elected official* who has ever accepted a single penny of buy-off money (or whatever you want to call it), put them on a boat, paddle out to the middle of the gulf mess -- as close to the spouting oil well as possible -- and dump them there, to fend for themselves. Maybe some will know how to swim. Maybe that will give them a clearer view and understanding of what they have done. And how it doesn't really matter who they are, because they are all in it together and it affects each one of them, no matter if they are good swimmers or not.

Yes, I have a vivid imagination and a mean streak, when it comes to *justice*..... still, this whole mess makes me want to cry. Or scream or hit someone
martyc35 06/05/10 12:22 pm As I understand it, and my understanding is admittedly limited, the biggest part of the problem came from putting the whole industry under "self-regulation" from, oh say, 2000 through 2008, and then not properly bringing the government up to speed once the helm changed hands. So, when the crisis occurred, neither the industry (who were grossly negligent) nor the government (who were sublimely ignorant AND submissive) were prepared to do anything effective to deal with the leak or its damaging effects. Putting the oil industry in charge of cleaning up its own mess is a tactical, technological mistake, but the US government had no technology of its own and trusted BP waaaay too much to know what it was doing. Worse yet, BP became used to being in charge, paanicked when it realized the enormity of the liability, and then started ordering everyone around, including the government and the "free" press. You only saw wildlife pics within the last few days because some press people know that the pics will engender outrage; BP. knowing that, too, refused to let reporters in to take pics. That's why there have been so few.
Former Labor Secretary Robert Reich has now pleaded that Obama forcibly take the whole thing away from BP, and that is why Atttorney General Holder has begun civil and criminal investigations, but whatever gets done, stopping the flow, cleaning up the mess, or just giving up entirely, all will take a lot of time. Meanwhile, the damage to wildlife is done, and the spread of damage continues. Excuse me, I got sick just writing this.

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