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Thread subject: Help Dawn dishwashing detergent save lives
Name Date Message
Shelley 06/07/10 06:13 am I know this will sound like an ad, and it is, sort-of. But worth it. I guess by now, most people have heard that Dawn dishwashing liquid is the cleaner of choice for people trying to rescue the birds injured by oil. It was used with considerable success in past oil spill disasters.

Buy a special edition bottle of Dawn dishwashing liquid, go online to put in your bottle code, and Dawn will donate $1 per bottle to The Marine Mammal Center and The International Bird Rescue Research Center:

Dawn saves wildlife

What continues to worry me, though, is what next? Another friend posted this on another forum I go to:

"What happens next, though? Most of those birds survive on fish, and the fish are oil-soaked, and when the birds go back to the water to find fish, they will become oil-soaked again. I heard today that some pelicans (I think) were cleaned up and taken to the east coast for release, but they came back to the Gulf, their home. They must have banded them, to know they were the same birds."

Well, anything at all that we can do, is something. I have added Dawn to my shopping list today.
Trishrg 06/07/10 08:56 am Thanks for posting this Shelley.
IBRRC is a local org. here in Calif. and one I support regularly.
They are working with Tri-State on the spill.
Melanie 06/07/10 09:05 am Actually that offer as expired 12/09 if you look at the fine print but it's a good product anyway.

We know that ospreys are loyal to their natal grounds so why not other birds? This mornings report said now that oiled birds are showing up in earnest that they estimate only 10% of them are getting to the rehab sites. The rest will die. Pelicans eat a lot.
Shelley 06/07/10 07:24 pm Actually, when I click on the link above, it says right at the top that the program runs through September 30, 2010. I did read the faqs and while it says in one place only, that it expires in 2009, in the very next section, it says this:

"In Canada, the Dawn Saves Wildlife program is accepting valid bottle donation code submissions beginning July 1, 2009 through September 30, 2010."

I wonder why the discrepancy.

Tiger 06/07/10 08:01 pm Some people think that there is no point in cleaning birds. See Birds
Melanie 06/07/10 09:27 pm Sadly, there's something to that argument due to the magnitude of the spill.
Shelley 06/07/10 11:06 pm Oh, that article makes me want to cry. I do see their point but it is almost too difficult to wrap my head around. I wish every employee of BP could be forced to witness the euthanasia of each and every single bird. Maybe that might get the message across, somehow....

Anne 06/08/10 11:06 am I should think that every single one of the 20,000 Americans and 10,000 Brits who work for BP has got the message all right Shelley.

The question I have to ask is why did the Bush Government give several oil companies permission to drill in exceptionally deep water in the Gulf in the first place? And why did the new Obama Government nod the decision through without a murmur?

The uncomfortable truth is that the world's oil resources are dwindling so oil exploration is getting riskier and riskier. So the answer to my question is $$$ and keeping gas guzzling voters happy.

As we have said on here before many times, we are slowly destroying our planet and all life forms beneath man are apparently expendable.

Sorry, thats how bitter I feel about it all.
Melanie 06/08/10 11:49 am Why did the Bush Government give several oil companies permission to drill in exceptionally deep water in the Gulf in the first place?

Because the Bush Administration all came from oil from Bush and Cheney on down. Bush started an oil company in Texas called Arbusto Energy that failed. The investors regained their $$ by doing business with Salem bin Laden (one of Osama's brothers). Cheney's company Halliburton is responsible for the concrete that was pumped in and is now under suspicion that they played a role in the well failure. This is what happens when you de-regulate and let the fox guard the hen house.

One can only hope Obama is sitting up and re-thinking is offshore drilling position. He inherited an unholy mess and there was no magic wand to immediately undo it.

To quote James Madison "If men were angels, no government would be necessary. If angels were to govern men, neither external nor internal controls on government would be necessary."
Anne 06/08/10 12:13 pm Cheney - uggh.

Love that quote Melanie.

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