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Thread subject: Dawn Chorus Bird Blog: Backyard Birds
Name Date Message
martyc35 06/13/10 02:15 pm Kestrel is the sub diarist this week, and the birds are mostly in northern CA, until some commenters chime in, that is, and Kestrel has an open invitation to those outside the US to do just that. Share your birdies!
Shelley 06/13/10 06:08 pm Love it! Thanks, Marty. Pity we can't add DPOF this year....

You know, I haven't had any goldfinches at all this year and so few last year, that I am wondering what's up with that. For 2 years, I had tons of them, then nothing. Also haven't seen my red-breasted nuthatches this year so far and they are usually daily visitors. Kind of sad, for me.
martyc35 06/13/10 08:23 pm Water and thistle seeds will attract the goldfinches, but unless the nuthatches are finding treasures in the cracks in treebark, they tend to be pretty elusive, at least in my experience. Good luck!
Pamela 06/14/10 03:37 pm Shelley, funnily enough I just mentioned to my husband what beautiful birds Goldfinches were as all six perches were occupied by them yesterday. Yet when they are the most prevalent bird at the feeders, you are always looking for a more unusual bird to appear forgetting just what jewels you have.
My son-in-law in the Denver area is quite excited that he actually has Goldfinch.
Does any one have baby or juvie Cardinals? I notice two juvies that are a warm brown with pale beige beaks. The beaks must darken as they mature.
We continue to fill our feeders with just black sunflower seed which was recommended to us by Mike at The Bird Watcher's General Store on the Cape. Even the tiny Carolina Wrens perch and eat.
Shelley 06/14/10 05:39 pm I can't use peanuts or just sunflower seeds or I will be overrun by squirrels. I do have nyjer for the goldfinches, I made sure it was fresh and the feeder was clean. But last summer they just barely showed up and so far, none yet this year. As for the cardinals, I have a Mr. and Mrs who regularly come to my yard but have never seen juvies.
Celeste 06/15/10 04:50 am I, for the first time, am seeing a Baltimore Oriole who likes to take a daily bath in my birdbath. Haven't seen any goldfinches at all in my yard , as for baby cardinals, definitely. We have several cardinal families that we seem to be "subsidizing". One in particular, Mr. C, who as I have since discovered, either has mites, or a genetic fault in molting. Since March, he has all but one feather gone from his head. I googled and discovered that this can happen to cardinals. He looks pre-historic. We are calling him "baldy" right now, but he has, nevertheless, been raising a couple of babies, and they "meet" outside my window on a ledge. I have sunflower seed that I put there and he gently feeds his babies. I haven't seen Mrs. C do this, but only Mr. C. My problem this year is that the doves have discovered the "ledge", and they eat my seed like chickens, in a blink of an eye all the seed is gone, I can always tell however, when a baby cardinal is calling its parent to be fed at the ledge however, with non-stop chirping and soon enough Mr C/baldy arrives to feed it, if he gets there before the doves:-)
martyc35 06/16/10 01:00 pm I remember being astounded when I made a trip over to Arizona some years back and discovered cardinals hanging out all over the place. Why can't they make a hop and skip over to California, I wondered, but they never do. I'm sure it has to do with habitat and food, or competition, not an aversion to California. Made me feel slightly left out, though. Love your baldy story, Celeste.

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